Undercover Troop: Parent Edition

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Robot’s Desk – In the second edition of the ‘Undercover Troop‘ series, CP Army Media investigated how armies present themselves to parents. How did YOUR army do?

The army community includes people from all ages, ranging from as young as 8 to exceeding 20. Some parents are extra careful with their children especially the young ones and therefore are involved in the online activities of their offspring. In this post, I aimed to go around the community and rate each army based on their handling of a parent’s concerns. I made sure to be fair and viewed each army at times when the traffic was high and their main chat was not dead. I also made sure to remain for at least 20 minutes to obtain a fair perception of their performance.

Okay so here’s how it’ll go: I decided that I would first join as a ‘recruit’ and attempt to be a young naive recruit. I would stay at this for a while then I would switch my tone and inform them that this is the recruit’s ‘parent’ and that I would like to speak to someone in charge to know if the army is safe for my child. I would then begin to note how people react and how I was treated. I topped this all off by making sure to have a believable name and discord profile to fit the description of a recruit.

The following findings have been documented carefully to avoid bias, and the following army analysis will be generated based on my experience and reaction.

Rebel Penguin Federation

I joined the Rebel Penguin Federation first posing as ‘Kingroger984’ and began to make my disguise believable by acting like a young recruit would. As soon as I felt like I was noticed enough I decided to switch into the ‘parent.’ I began by stating that Kingroger is my son and that I would like to know how safe RPF is for my son. It took a few minutes for someone to message me and help me out but I was eventually messaged by RPF moderator JT. JT helped me by referring me to the rules channel and assuring me that the server is safe for a young child as nothing inappropriate is allowed.

JT’s replies were very professional and informative and would’ve convinced most parents. The main chat was also mostly clean during my visit and there were no incidents of rule-breaking and it was apparent that there was a heavy moderator presence. However, I noticed some people mocking the fact that a ‘parent’ was in the chatroom and that could be considered offensive by some parents. Due to these facts, I award RPF with a score of 7/10.

Doritos of Club Penguin

My disguise this time was ‘Princessmia22.’ I joined DCP and began their verification process and made a new account on CPATG to make sure that there were no suspicions from their side. The verification channel was a bit messy and someone even began spamming at one point. However, there was a heavy staff presence to assist in case anyone didn’t know what to do. After I gained access to the main chat and made sure that they bought the whole recruit act, I switched to being the parent. I stepped back into their main chat stating that I’m Princessmia’s mother and asked for a person in charge. I was swiftly messaged by DCP Leader Vivala and proceeded to ask her about the safety of the discord.

Vivala assured me that there were rules placed to maintain a safe environment. She also brought to my attention that discord is for users that are 13 years or older after I said that my daughter was just 10. I positively viewed this comment as it shows that Vivala genuinely cared about the safety of this ‘child.’ The main chat was also fairly clean throughout my visit and there didn’t seem to be any rule-breaking. I decided that a score of 9/10 was fair for DCP. The only reason I didn’t give a score of 10/10 is because of the verification channel and the fact that a real child would’ve not been able to make it past this stage.

Ice Warriors

As soon as I joined I was welcomed by many people but was ignored when I asked what is done in this discord. I was then direct messaged by an Ice Warriors staff member, Quinn, who proceeded to ask me if I knew anything about the community. I kept trying to speak in main but I was constantly ignored there and this is when I began my parent act. As soon as I went back to the main chat and announced that I was a parent, I received 4 dms from IW staff members. This is the first time that I received such a large amount of dms while conducting this experiment. I decided to speak to IW Leader in Training Alexandra and she began by assuring me that the discord is extremely safe for young children.

The amount of people who messaged me shows how many people are usually sitting and moderating the IW server and this a great thing for an army to have. However, when speaking to Alexandra I felt that her replies were dry and she wasn’t very interested in the thing she was pitching to this parent. The main chat remained clean for the whole time I was conducting this experiment and confirms the heavy moderation that occurs over in IW. For the above reasons, I decided that IW deserves a score of 7/10. The only reason that IW did not get a higher score is because of the dryness that I received when asking for more info and because of how people in the main chat ignored me when I asked questions.

Army of Club Penguin

The next army I decided to visit was the first army ever created, ACP. I joined the discord and was welcomed within moments and had my roles quickly sorted out. I was directed to the main chat where I began playing my role as a recruit. A few minutes later, I returned as the parent and began asking for a person in charge. I asked to speak to someone in charge and after a few long minutes of members and staff being confused, I was messaged by ACP Leader CSY. I began engaging him in conversation and asking the typical questions I’ve been asking in every army. CSY managed to bring up the discord rule stating that people aged 13+ only are allowed, the same point that Vivala from DCP made. This made me feel again that he genuinely cares about these young recruits’ safety.

CSY was very professional throughout the exchange and provided more information about ACP than the other armies did. ACP’s flaw was that the main chat was extremely confused and nobody acted quickly enough to deal with this parent’s concerns. It took over 3 minutes to have anyone speak to me here while in other armies I received a message within seconds. I decided that the ACP deserves a score of 8/10 due to the delay in dealing with the situation. Even though ACP had a delay in helping the parent, CSY was able to cover for them by providing detailed, professional replies.

Royal Family

After going undercover with these major armies I decided to do two of the smaller armies. The reason is that all of these armies performed very well due to their major status and the large staff team that makes them capable to deal with such a situation. After looking at the Top Twenty, I decided that the Royal Family and Fighter Pilots would be two interesting medium-sized armies to look at before concluding the experiment.

I decided to do the Royal Family as they seem to be a stable army and have had a consistent presence in the top ten for some time. I started by acting like a recruit and stumbled upon a mostly dead chat but was still welcomed fairly quickly and told to make a CPA:TG account. After a few minutes, I returned to their discord as the parent to begin the main part of this experiment. I immediately received a reply from 2 of the Royals’ leaders and they walked me through why their chatroom was safe.

Both the leaders replying to me didn’t seem very interested in proving that the army is safe. Most of their replies were made up of one word and they didn’t volunteer with any extra information. Overall throughout my visit, their chat remained mostly dead and no messages were sent. Due to the above facts, I decided to give the Royals a score of 6/10. I decided to give such a score mainly because nobody was volunteering to help and the help I received was minimal when it was given. In addition to that, their main chat was very dead and there were close to no messages being sent during the time I joined which would’ve made recruits leave.

Fighter Pilots

I joined this discord not knowing what to expect as FP is a fairly new army. I began in my typical manner and as soon as I switched into being the parent I was met with confusion. They didn’t know how to deal with it and I had to wait for quite a bit before being messaged about it. I was messaged by an FP 2ic and they helped me out a lot even though it took time for me to receive this message.

They were thorough with their explanation and weren’t dry in their replies. The main chat was dead most of the time similar to the Royals which could’ve been the reason it took some time for me to receive a message. Overall, Fighter Pilots performed well and I decided to award them with a score of 7/10. The main reason behind why the score is not higher is because of the delay in messaging and the state that the main chat was in.

The Undercover Parent experiment enabled us to see how armies’ preparations are if faced by such a situation. The Doritos proved to be best prepared followed by the Army of Club Penguin. Ice Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and Fighter Pilots performances were close and they all acquired the same score as they had positives but also negatives that prevented them from placing higher. The army occupying the last place is the Royal Family due to not doing anything that made them look special compared to others.

What do YOU think? How did your army perform? Which army are you most surprised about? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

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