Universal S/M Top Ten Armies [7/06 – 13/06]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the Universal Top Twenty being released today, we bring to you the Small/Medium Top Ten armies.

1. Royal Warriors [29.5]

2. Coup Crusaders [27.0]

3. Red Ravagers [26.0]

 4T. Crimson Guardians [25.5]

4T. Snakes [25.5]

6. Peoples Imperial Confederation [18.0]

7. Los Facheros [15.0]

8. Vikings [13.5]

9. The Galactic Empire [10.5]

10. Island Invaders [7.5]

Close to the Top Ten

11. Sky Troops [6.0]

Click here for the S/M top ten calculations.


1. Royal Warriors: The Royal Warriors started out their week with a training event on Tuesday, maxing 8. Their next event was another training event on Friday where they had maxed 11. Their final event was on Saturday where they maxed 20!

2. Coup Crusaders: The Coup Crusaders started out their week a little late with their first event on Wednesday. They had a defence of their server, White House, which they had unfortunately lost. CC was able to max 4. For their final event of the week, they had a practice event where they had maxed 17!

3. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers, a continuation of the Dark Bandits that shut down recently, held their opening events this week! Their first event was on Tuesday where they maxed 12 ravagers. Then, they held a uniform event on Thursday maxing 10.

4T. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians had just two events this week, one being their Legends Cup battle against the Pirates where they maxed 11. Their other event was a practice battle against the Water Vikings where they maxed just 8.

4T. Snakes: The Snakes of CP held one event this week, a training event on Thursday, maxing 12.

6. Peoples Imperial Confederation: PIC started their week with an EU training, maxing 3. On Thursday, they held an EU Hide and Seek event, maxing 8. On Friday, they held an Instrument event and maxed 7. To finish off their week, they held an EU training, maxing 5, and a US recruitment, maxing 7.

7. Los Facheros: LFA only held one event this week, an unscheduled event, maxing 8.

8. Vikings: The Vikings had a single event this week: a Connect 4 Tournament that saw a maximum size of 7.

9. The Galactic Empire: The Galactic Empire had one event this week, in which they were able to get 6 troops.

10. Island Invaders: The Island Invaders had only one event this week on Sunday, they had a practice event where they maxed 3.



The Royal Warriors seem to be rising rapidly. Will they be able to enter the Top Twenty next week? Comment YOUR opinion on the S/M Top Ten Armies. Let us know what YOU think.


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