Universal Top Twenty Armies [7/06 – 13/06]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With an interesting week of battles and events, we bring forward the Top Twenty armies of this week.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [120.7]

 2. Ice Warriors [105.1]

3. Doritos of Club Penguin [97.7]

 4. Army of Club Penguin [82.7]

5. Dark Warriors [79.5]

6. Help Force [75.9]

 7. Elites [62.5]

8. Water Vikings [57.3]

9. Alberto Warriors [47.0]

 10. Marines [44.8]

11. Royal Family [42.6]

12. Special Weapons and Tactics [42.1]

13. One Direction Army [40.6]

14. Golden Troops [39.0]

15. Fighter Pilots [36.1]

16. Water Troops [34.0]

17. Templars [33.0]

♦ 18. Silver Empire [32.0]

19. Pizza Federation [31.5]

♦ 20. Mango Corps [30.8]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebels started off their week with an Operation: Insurrection on Sunday. On that same day, they participated in the Legends Cup X one again, maxing 93. On Tuesday, they held an Operation: Paparazzi maxing 72, following their Legends Cup Semi-Finals, maxing 71. On Wednesday, they held an Operation: Splash event, maxing 109. On Thursday, they held an Operation: Melting Point even maxing 82. On Friday, they held an Operation Practical and Tactical event maxing 56, following their Operation: I See You! event maxing 77. To end off their week, they held an Operation: Rebel Band maxing 67, and their Legends Cup Quarter Finals match against the Elites maxing 91.

2. Ice Warriors: The Ice Warriors held 3 events this week. They started their week off with their victorious LCX Round Two battle against AK, maxing 70. On Wednesday, they cleaned up the server in their Flamez Golden Mop event, maxing 101. They ended their week with a practice battle against DW, reaching a size of 70 penguins.

3. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos had 3 events this week! Their week started off with the Legend Cup battle against Dark Bandits in which our favorite chips managed to max 68 penguins. Their next event was a Herbert Takeover where 53 troops showed up. Finally, the week concluded with their Battle Against Help Force which saw heights of 81.

4. Army of Club Penguin: ACP started off another busy week with their Legends Cup Battle vs the Pizza Federation, where they came out victorious and maxed 58. The next day, they held an AUSIA Elephant Takeover, maxing 46. They also held a UK Pride event, where they maxed 32. To finish off their day, they held a US Bee Takeover event, maxing 37. On Wednesday, they held an AUSIA Fish Takeover event, where they maxed 44. Then they held a US Birthday Party event, maxing 46. On Thursday, they held a UK training event and maxed 39. To finish off their week on Friday, they held another UK training, this time maxing 41.

5. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors began their week of events with their battle against SWAT in Legends Cup X Round 2 on Monday, maxing 55 and winning. Then, they held a Shark AUSIA event, maxing 32 on Tuesday. The following day, they maxed 45 at a Training Event led by veterans. On Thursday, they maxed 45 in a practice battle with the Ice Warriors. Their Saturday AUSIA Training Event saw a max of 45 warriors to wrap up the week.

6. Help Force: Help Force started off their week with a branch battle in which they maxed 35. Their next event was a Legends Cup battle against Royals in which they had 51 troops. They went on to have an AUSIA Stamp Heist and EU Battle preparation maxing 43 and 31 respectively. HF finished this week off with a max of 71 in their Legends Cup battle against the Doritos which they also won.

7. Elites: The Elites had an eventful week with a total of 4 events. Starting off with the Legend’s Cup battle against Water Vikings, they amassed a total of 34 penguins. Soon after came the Green Revolution/Flip The Burg Event that managed to max 45. Next was the Legends Cup training with a total of 38 troops. Finally, the week ended with their battle against RPF in the Legends Cup Tournament, with 35 penguins showing up to fight.

8. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings started their week with the second round in the Legends Cup against the Elites. They had maxed 43 and won this round. They are also advancing to the next round. A few days later they had an LC training event where they maxed 40. For their final event of the week, they had an unsuccessful battle against the Crimson Guardians where they lost but maxed 22.

9. Alberto Warriors: The Alberto Warriors held 2 events this week. They invaded Agent 11’s heart on Monday, maxing 19. They successfully invaded Frostbite on June 10th, with 35 penguins in attendance.

10. Marines: The Marines returned to the community with their reopening events this week. On Tuesday, they held their reopening event, maxing 20. Two days later, they held a practice battle with the Golden Troops, maxing 16 troops. Their first AUSIA event of the week was on Friday, where they maxed 12. Finally, they held a second AUSIA training on Saturday, maxing 16.

11. Royal Family: The Royals held just three events this week. The first was a ‘Fish’ takeover that witnessed sizes of 21. A practice battle with SWAT saw a peak of 19 penguins, and their Legends Cup round two battle saw a maximum of 19.

12. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT was very busy with battles this week – they had a battle against Water Vikings maxing 16, facing Dark Warriors and maxing 22, and finally battling Royal Warriors and maxing 17.

13. One Direction Army: The One Direction Army had 2 events for the week: a U-Lead on Monday, maxing 18, and an AUSIA Training Event that maxed 21.

14. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops began their week with the Legends Cup round two battle against the Rebel Penguin Federation, in which they lost with a size of 18 penguins. They then held a “Memorial of Animal Kingdom” event with a peak of 14. A practice battle with the Marines witnessed sizes of 16, while a “RIP CPATG” event saw a maximum of 10.

15. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots started out their week with a training event where they maxed 17. On Friday they had a practice battle against the Silver Empire where they tied and maxed 10. For their second and final event of the week, they had a funeral event for CPATG where they were able to max 17.

16. Water Troops: The Water Troops started out their week with a back to back recruiting events on Monday and Tuesday. They had maxed 14 on the first day and 20 on the second day. On Wednesday they had an EU practice event which maxed 7 and a US Duck Invasion event that maxed 15. A few days later they had their final event of the week that was an Invasion of Rainbow, that they had unfortunately lost. They were able to max 7 at the invasion.

17. Templars: Templars had a slow week due to their defacement, they had one event in which they invaded White House from the Coup Crusaders and maxed sizes of 21.

18. Silver Empire: Silver Empire managed to hold two events this week. One was a battle against the Fighter Pilots in which they were able to achieve a max of 10, the battle result was a tie. Their second and final event of the week was a “Farewell CPATG” event in which they achieved an impressive max of 17.

19. Pizza Federation: PZF started their week with their Legends Cup Battle vs ACP, maxing 13. The same day, they held a Fitness Test event, where they maxed 11. Later in the week, they held a training event and maxed 9. To end off their week, they held an EU training session, where they maxed 10.

20. Mango Corps: The Mango Corps started the week off with an Unscheduled AUSIA Training that managed to max 13 troops. The Mango Corps ended the week off with yet another AUSIA Training, this time maxing 9 penguins.


With the tournament in progress, will it affect the army standings? Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s Top 20 Armies. Let us know what YOU think.


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