Water Vikings Leader Buddy Confesses To Multilogging; Removed From Leadership

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Investigation Office – In a surprise turn of events, Water Vikings leader Buddy was removed from his position after confessing to multi-logging.

In the past few weeks, we uncovered a mass of multi-logging exploits, the most recent being the Pirates scandal. Due to this, it was requested that CP Armies: The Game creator Superhero123 launch a community wide investigation that aimed to discover if other armies were also guilty of the same crime. He looked at the Top Ten armies, and discovered the Water Vikings were taking part in this illicit activity.

More specifically, Super unearthed that Water Vikings leader, Buddy, multi-logged at most 3 penguins at events. This includes the penguins ‘Luke24‘ and ‘Kovy27rocket‘, which are shown in the picture below.

The Water Vikings battle the Crimson Guardians

In a meeting with CPAM staff, Buddy admitted to multi-logging at “basically every event that wasn’t a tournament battle.” He revealed he acted alone, and no other higher command or leader was aware of his actions. He also stated that he did not multi-log at a Legends Cup battle, and Superhero has since confirmed this to be true. CP Army Media respects Buddy’s transparency, honesty, and compliance with the investigation.

After confessing to co-leader Pjayo, leadership made announcement on the Water Vikings Discord server. Pjayo revealed Buddy was removed from the leadership with immediate effect, and that the army does not support or condone multi-logging.

It is with great shame that I remove Buddy, WV Hall of Famer, from his position as leader of the Water Vikings. We are STRONGLY against multilogging, and while he has stabbed us in the back, I do wish him well and still welcome him in this chat as a veteran, although he has been stripped of position. The Water Vikings WILL NOT stand for ANY form of unethical activity, and as such, we are immediately taking action following Buddy’s admission of guilt. I wish him the best and hope to see him (on one account lmao) tomorrow.
Due to the unique set of circumstances surrounding this scandal, the Water Vikings will continue to participate in the Legends Cup X. Buddy acted alone and none of his multi-logging activities occurred during a tournament battle. WV is set to battle the Dark Warriors in tomorrow’s quarter-finals. As ever, CP Army Media will continue to expose the multi-logging activities of those in the community.

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