Bee Departs From Dark Warriors Leadership

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – After the Dark Warriors’ landslide victory against the Water Vikings in the Legends Cup, Bee has decided to retire from the DW leadership.

The Dark Warriors have been a strong army for a long time. They were created in 2007 by CP Army Legend, Ambrosha, and have been around since, also placing 5th in the top ten armies of all time post made by CP Army Central. After 5 years of being shut down, DW reopened in December of 2019 led by legends such as Spi101, xiunknown, and Freezie66, and they managed to immediately make a mark in the community maxing large numbers straight off the bat. However, DW shutdown at the beginning of February but this shutdown was shortlived and they returned on the last day of the same month led by Bee and Romeo. Bee was one of the first leaders of DW in this new generation and after DW was able to reach the semi-finals of the Legends Cup, she decided to depart from this position.

This successful new generation has seen DW grow into a stable army consistently placing in or around the top 5 and they’ve grown to become very strong tactically as well. Led by Megann, Noa, Bee, and Myra, DW has reached heights that they haven’t seen since their prime years. They were even able to reach the number 1 spot at one point and dethroned the Pirates from that spot on CP Army League’s top 10. As of the most recent CP Army Media top twenty, DW placed in the 5th position comfortably averaging sizes between 40 and 55. They have also been successful in the Legends Cup up until now and have pushed up and reached the semi-finals where they’re set to meet the Help Force.


The Dark Warriors conducted an interview with Bee which was posted on their website. The interview was short and sweet covering the most important questions (it can be found here). The same day that Bee retired, Spi101 released a post on their website announcing that there will be 3 new DW legends in Bee, Noa, and Megann. These 3 will now join Myra in the DW Hall of Fame which means that all DW leaders along with Bee are now DW legends.

Today we are adding new legends to our Hall of Fame. These three people have led the Dark Warriors and stuck through them ever since our unfortunate shutdown a long time ago. Freezie and I envisioned for the army to live long without the need of past DW legends, and I can proudly say that not only have we done this before, but an entirely new community has been built with so many new faces that keep the DW legacy alive. For the time that I have been retired as well as Freezie, this new leadership has taken the torch from us and continued to lead DW to a whole new path unfazed – for that, the both of us are very proud. I hope these new legends are people you can look up to show that leadership and determination is possible in not just in cp armies but in every other aspect of your lives. DW started out as a crew of their own, only to be a long lasting community.

I am proud to announce that Bee, Noa & Megann are added as DW Legends. Congratulations to them, they’ve earned it.

Bee seems to have been a great leader for DW as she was shown an immense amount of love and appreciation upon her retirement. It is apparent that her retirement was also only due to personal reasons and not due to any issues within the army. DW further showed their respect to Bee by dressing up as bees for her final event. They have certainly lost a very important leader in Bee and there are many questions about how they will cope with this loss. Will DW continue on its rise and reach the Legends Cup final? Or will this retirement hurt them and flatten their rise?

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