Teaska Inducted As SWAT Commander

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – Earlier today, June 15, the Royals of CP announced that they would be shutting down their doors in the CPA community. In a surprising turn of events, Teaska, the creator of Royals has been inaugurated as SWAT’s newest commander. To read an interview we conducted with Teaska and more information on this induction, read below!

Teaska was one of four founding fathers of Royals who created the Royals of CP in March 2019. Throughout his leadership, he has helped Royals in many ways such as leading an invasion against their enemies, the Templars, and he was known to be a leader who would help his staff in a time of need. He retired from Royals in June 2019 but returned in March 2020 to help them soar to new heights.

Royals Invasion For Territory Against The Ice Warriors- May 2020

CP Army Media conducted an interview with Teaska about his recent inauguration as SWAT Commander.

How are you feeling about your recent inauguration as SWAT commander?

I’m feeling pretty good, I am ready to work with SWAT as I like the army a lot

Did you leave royals to become SWAT commander?

No, after we made the decision to shut down royals, Sweater approached me with an offer that i accepted. I didn’t actually have a plan once Royals shut down.

What do you hope to achieve?

As a SWAT commander I hope to achieve to create strong army with sizes of around 40+ as the size was once before. I want to make SWAT stronger.

Do you think you’ll be able to achieve your goals?

Yes, I will strive to make these goals. I will do whatever I can.

What do YOU think? Will SWAT rise under Teaska leadership? Will Teaska lead SWAT to new heights?  Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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