Legend Shaboomboom Returns to Army of CP

MAMMOTH, ACP Empire — In a shocking turn of events, 2008 CPAC Legend and ACP Legend, Shaboomboom has returned to ACP as a POG (Panel of Guardian).

Shaboomboom (also known as Shab) is one of the three Godfathers of the Army of Club Penguin along with Boomer20 and Oagalthorp. He has led the ACP to great heights during his time. Shab was known in ACP for many things. He was the 5th, 15th, and 17th Leader of ACP, Medal of Honor, DRACP President, SSACP Leader, and had a Top Spy Award. He was seen earlier at his ‘return’ event on Sunday at the IW vs. ACP battle. Shab was one member of the CPA Community known to always be against hacking, DDOSing, scamming, etc.

Boomer20 and Shaboomboom (2 of ACPs Godfathers)

CP Army Media was lucky enough to have a quick chat with Shaboom about his return to the ACP.

Why have you returned to the ACP?

Mchappy asked me to stop by and participate yesterday in the Legends Cup Quarter Finals to hype it up and as a morale boost which also turned into reconnecting with some past veterans for a bit after the battle. I wouldn’t say I’ve returned to the ACP. Just passing by and saying hi!

Do you have any plans for anything fun or something different for your short visit to the army?

Not really! I mean of course, tell them to throw more snowballs :p . But the army seems to be doing well. I did submit an entry for pride month, which I really appreciated seeing celebrated!

What did you think of the battle you attended?

It was different! Not having the speech filter really allowed everyone to use phrases & whatnot more. You’ll hear me complaint every so often, but it used to be about throwing snowballs and now it’s yelling at each other while making a shape. It looks nice when everyone is in formation and whatnot, especially with the emoji bombs. But I kind of miss the old days of not trying to drown the enemy in speech bubbles? Regardless, I was impressed with the size of the army, and how efficient commands were relayed & followed. Voice chat is a new concept to add to armies for me! ACP did very well focusing on the battle and executing, and it really was a close fight.

As a CPAC legend, do you have any advice to the current CPA Community and to ACP?

It’s difficult, because so many things have changed since I was involved. Discord wasn’t used, private custom servers weren’t used. I wish some of these things were around when I was still playing! But have fun with it, and don’t take it too seriously. Take advantage of being able to make friends across the world, and find the ones you want to stay friends with because some of them will remain after the game ends or you stop playing.

There you have it! CPAC and ACP Legend Shaboom has stopped by for a quick hi and is clearly happy to see ACP standing strong!


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