Sky Troops Fly Into Merger With Silver Empire

SOUTHERN LIGHTS, Silver Empire Land – At approximately 3:45 PM, June 15th, Sky Troops leader Krebi, announced a merge with the Silver Empire, one of the army’s closest allies.

Sky Troops had just recently got into the S/M Top Ten placing in 10th just a few weeks ago. The army held quite a few events, some of which getting maxes of 5-8.  Sky Troops was an army led by 2 Leaders, Krebi and Spike. Sky Troops had also taken part in the Legends Cup X and were in the first round against Ice Warriors.

ST in the Challengers Cup

Silver Empire is a bit bigger than the Sky Troops and was a long-time ally with Sky Troops. The army sees maxes of 10+ on most of their events, a few even reaching 15+. SE also participated in the Legends Cup X and went up against the Help Force in their first-round where they got a max of 10 but ultimately was defeated. The army has been seeing a rise in sizes and activity and has achieved a position in CP Army Media’s top twenty coming in at 18.

CPAM had the opportunity to interview Sky Troops leader Krebi to understand more about the reason behind this merge.

Why did you and your team decide to merge with Silver Empire?

Silver Empire were one of our closest allies, they feel like family. When they offered a merge both me and Spike thought it could be a great idea for the army. When we switched from CPO to PS we lost a lot of members in the process, and when PS shut down, we lost even more… When we hosted events, almost nobody attended, we wasted a lot of time for super small and unsuccessful events. Merging with Silver Empire gave us a chance to show off our potentials as staff but also the active member’s potentials.

Do you and the other leaders have any special plans now that you have merged?

We are gonna be able to host more events with the bigger staff team. With the merge, we now have a staff from both AUSIA, EU and USA which makes it easier to host a variety of events in different timezones.

Do you see Silver Empire rising in the Top Ten?

I really do, yes! With both Sky Troops’ and Silver Empire’s members combined we’ll be able to get more active members which will give us higher maxes. And since we are now a bigger staff team we can help and learn from each other, which might our events even better than before!

It looks like the armies in the Universal Top Twenty need to keep their eye out on the Silver Empire as this merge may just help their maxes and make them soar up to the top!

What do YOU think? Is this merge exactly what the Silver Empire needed to push into the top ten? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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  1. RIP Sky Troops – The only army where I was a leader

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