The Community Clashes In CPATG’s Free-For-All

KLONDIKE – CP Army Media Headquarters – At 4PM EDT, hundreds of troops marched into Klondike for what was going to be the finale to all conflict in CPATG, due to the untimely DMCA that was confirmed to be authentic, leading to CPATG’s shut down on June 15th, 2020.

Several armies made a formal appearance to the showdown, including: Templars, Help Force, Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, Doritos, SWAT, Dark Warriors, Elites, Water Vikings, Lime Green Army, Army of Club Penguin, and Silver Empire, as well as many other groups!

First 3 Rooms: Iceberg, Inside Dojo, and Inside Mine

Starting off in the Iceberg as one of the bigger rooms to battle in, Ice Warriors dominated the room as they faced some of Help Force and Doritos as they surrounded the Iceberg in a scatter form.

Meanwhile, inside of the Dojo, ACP and DW were having a duel of their own. ACP made a chatbar line firing away at DW while the Dark Warriors formed up a strong plus form.

Simultaneously, Templars and Silver Empire took strong formations inside the Mine, with several other troops watching amidst the chaos.

Second 3 Rooms: Docks, Stadium, and Snow Forts

While the Docks were mostly filled by a neat form by the Water Vikings, a general gathering of troops from Elites and Help Force were made in the middle.

The Stadium was a spectacle of its own – the Ice Warriors once again surrounded all the other troops. In the picture, there is a bunch of RPF, DW, WV, and SWAT in the middle.

The Snow Forts told a similar story like the Dojo, with Dark Warriors and ACP facing off again with strong tactics and  familiar yet large forms.

Final 3 Rooms: Box Dimension, Beach, and Cove

In the Box Dimension, ACP quickly marched in, followed by Doritos and Water Vikings looking to take control of the wacky room. This was one of the most exciting yet crazy rooms!

The Beach saw a powerful wave of RPF with their shoreline formations while the Silver Empire took control of the middle, with some LGA troops off to the side.


Who is the real winner in all of this? The community! It was wonderful to see all of these armies engage in some friendly conflict throwing tactics at one another enjoying what Club Penguin Armies is all about, and ending CPATG the right way. Shortly after the battle, CPATG was shut down and all users lost their connection.

Just over a year in the making, Club Penguin Armies: The Game had a good run with multiple tournaments, championships, and legendary armies rise and fall across its lifetime. As armies look forward to the future of their community, land, and upcoming battles, where will they flock to? Will many armies dispel after CPATG has gone away? What will become of the major armies?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

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