Vikings of CP Shutdown: The Sudden End

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Vikings of CP – Nearly two months after the opening of the Vikings, an unexpected announcement from Viking’s leader declared the shutdown of the army.

The Vikings of CP were created on April 18th, 2020, by their leader, Moozie. About two weeks later, after much effort in recruiting, they registered with the CP Army League as an army on May 8th. They originated their events on CPO, but after the shutdown of the CPPS on the 16th, they had moved to CPR and CPATG. In total, the Vikings held 16 CP events, being able to max around ten troops per event.

On the evening of June 15th, 2020, the Viking’s leader, Moozie, had announced the closure of the Vikings. In a heartfelt post, Moozie explained the reasoning behind the shut down:

After CPO’s closure, the Vikings were hit pretty hard as their events were held on the CPPS. They were able to transition over to CPR, but the shutdown had caused many of the members to leave. However, Moozie and his staff team continued to carry the army on their backs but did not have the best of luck. Alongside having responsibilities in his at-home life, mixed with the pressure of leading and growing an army, Moozie decided to shut down the Vikings.

Regardless of this short-lived army, they are ones to be remembered. The army was able to make themselves a family, and they most certainly were an active part of the CPA community. With a great staff team, they were able to create memorable events and a place for members to call home.

The CP Army Media team was able to speak exclusively with the Viking’s former leader, Moozie, to find out more about his thoughts on the closure of the Vikings of CP.

Please note that the following interview has seen minor edits to fix grammar. None of the content has been altered.

What was it like to lead the Vikings?

Well it was a little bit of a whirlwind of emotions in both positive and negative ways. When I started the Vikings I was so motivated and excited to get things up and running and to meet new people. Once we got verified, I had such a great little community who always talked and had fun, it was pretty awesome! At one point, my loyal members all got together and said thank you to me for starting up Vikings and making it all possible and it was rather heartwarming. However, there was quite a bit of drama and tension, and that really hit me hard and made it difficult to run the army as well as I wanted to.

What was your favorite moment while leading the army?

Well my favorite moment would have had to have been when a bunch of my loyal members all got together and planned to thank me for all my efforts starting up and running the army. As soon as I came online one day, I think around half a dozen people all started spamming the chat saying thank you and appreciating all the commitment I had provided. It was really quite nice haha

What do you think was the biggest lesson you learned coming away from this experience?

To be honest, I have found that the best communities aren’t just people who hop on everyday and talk to each other about club penguin and armies and such. But they are communities that have a foundational bond much like a family. The more we connected, the more we learnt about each other. The more I understood my Vikings, the more equipped I was to lead them. I think if you want to run a community, you need to be engaged with each individual to really make an impact in their lives.

Do you have any plans to revive the army in the future?

Unfortunately, no I don’t have any future plans on reviving the army. I’m in university right now studying computer science and it has been rather difficult juggling both my army and study while living like a normal human being. I also have personal commitments like my family and beloved girlfriend who I also have to spend time with.

It is evident that not only the troops but the leaders as well have been impacted positively by the Vikings. We here at CP Army Media wish the leaders and members all the best for the future.


What do YOU think? Will the Vikings be back for more? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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