Badboy Steps Down from Doritos Leadership, Wassim Steps Up

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire – Following the sudden departure of leader Badboy, former leader-in-training Wassim has stepped up to fill his shoes. 

Badboy has a long history in multiple Club Penguin armies. He first joined the Shadow Troops in 2012, before moving to the Special Weapons and Tactics, where he quickly rose the ranks and became second-in-command. Since then, he has led an array of large armies, the most recent being the Doritos. He was inducted as Commander after CP Online’s death resulted in the decline and merge of SWAT. Under his leadership, alongside Meerkat, 32op and Rah, the Doritos have been very successful in the community.

However, it was not to last. Badboy stepped down from his position as leader on Saturday, June 13th. This was just before the Doritos battled, and lost, against the Help Force in the Legends Cup X quarter-finals. Badboy himself admits he was not pulling his weight in the team and it was the best decision.

Wassim has been a member of the Doritos higher command for some time and has been training to take Badboy’s place as a leader-in-training. CP Army Media spoke to the newest leader about his new position in the army.

How do you feel about your promotion to First-in-Command at DCP?

I am very happy and excited about my promotion, I think I worked very hard to get it and I deserve it. I am excited to lead next to the current leaders and make DCP even a better place than it is. I recruited for so much time and was active everyday , I put my soul in DCP and I will continue doing it! DCP is my second family, I love being active in it and I met some really good friends who I will never forget!

How long have you been a part of DCP?

I joined DCP at late December of 2019, I believe it was the 27th of December. I was active daily and recruiting every day for hours. I don’t regret any second of this and I will sure keep it up and continue like this. DCP troops and HCOM were so nice to me since the day I joined and that’s why I like DCP!

Give us a brief description of your background in CP Armies.

I was playing CPO with friends once and i saw help force recruiters and decided to join, but I couldn’t find their invite since they got banned in the same day from CPO. A couple of days after I saw a DCP recruiter and decided to join! I was only in DCP and never changed armies even when the situation was hard and DCP almost shut down. I was also a Judge in CPAL for some time and currently also CPAM Judge.

Anything else you would like to say about your promotion?

Nothing much, I am proud to be part of DCP and I know that this army is one of the best armies to ever exist especially in the new generation. I assure you I will make DCP even better and we will be the #1 army! FEAR THE SHIELD.

Although the retirement of Badboy came as a shock to many, the Doritos continue with their day-to-day operations and welcome a new addition. Will Wassim impact the army for the better, or will the Doritos decline under his watch?

But what do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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