People’s Imperial Confederation Fail To Defend Their Nation In Three Ongoing Wars

WOOL SOCKS, People Imperial Confederation Empire – The People’s Imperial Confederation are under attack from three different opponents, and the mass invasions of their land has resulted in a series of failed defences.

June 15th marked a dark day for the People’s Imperial Confederation, as both the Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers declared war upon them, scheduling in several invasions of their empire (click here to read). It wasn’t long before the Templars also joined their side of the conflict, scheduling their own invasions of the servers Toboggan and Snow Shoe.

The Pizza Federation’s main reason was due to the multi-logging allegations they received following the Challengers Cup Finals, in which the Chefs beat the Confederation. However, in a shock turn of events, CP Army Media exclusively revealed it was in fact the People’s Imperial Confederation that were guilty of multi-logging. Leader Sidie and advisor Earthing were both found guilty, and Earthing even admitted to using a bot script to try and cheat the tournament victory (click here to read).

The first battle of the war took place on Wednesday, June 17th, and saw the Federation take an easy victory of the server Belly Slide. The Confederation failed to show, while the Chefs managed to achieve a peak of 11 penguins.

Earlier today, however, the Confederation did show at their defence of server Wool Socks. The intense 30 minute battle saw PIC average 6 soldiers, their highest maximum for some time, while the Federation maintained an average of 9 throughout. CP Army Media spoke to Snork, Pizza Federation leader, about the Chefs performance:

We’re really pleased with the battle tonight. A lot better than yesterday as we actually had some competition this time. We’re happy that our effort is finally paying off and PZF is expanding its presence on the map. Same thing will happen again tomorrow, so get ready folks!

June 18th also witnessed the Templars invade Confederation capital Toboggan, and take it swiftly with a lack of resistance. The Templars were very pleased with their performance, maxing a total of 17 penguins with strong tactics. PIC Leader Emma made the following statement just minutes after the invasion was scheduled to begin:

I am embarrassed to say the least. We had a defense planned against the Templars today for our capitol server and only three of us showed up. This resulted in an automatic win for the Templars due to the extreme size difference. I am beyond disappointed. If you cannot attend, then please do not react. If you do not check your pings, then do not react. That is all.

The People’s Imperial Confederation are under attack from three different directions, so surely this is not a war they can win? Will they retaliate by forming alliances? Or will they continue to lose their nation, one server at a time?

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