The Galactic Empire Ends Their Saga

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the closure of many armies around the league, another one has tragically shut its doors — most recently, the Galactic Empire (TGE). The Galactic Empire was a small army, normally maxing 5-6. To find out where this army is headed following its closure, read on.

SR (leader of TGE) announces TGE’s closure

Leader of TGE, SR, announced the army’s closure with a promise that the server wouldn’t be deleted. A few hours after this announcement, another post was made, revealing that TGE would be merging into One Direction Army (ODA).

SR’s post about the merge

Before the closure of the Galactic Empire, many staff had been leaving TGE. Before the closure of TGE, co-owner and leader JustAsh announced that she would be leaving the army, citing that she wanted “a more dedicated leader.” Another key figure who left his staff positions in TGE was Myth, leaving all staff positions he held in armies to lead ODA.

CP Army Media spoke to SR about why he closed TGE and his future plans with ODA.reporter2

Why did you shut down TGE?

I shut it down because as the army continued, staff left. 

Why did you merge with ODA, out of all the armies?

I merged with ODA because my army was going down, and I was looking for an army to merge with and ODA was there. They said in return, I would be a leader in training. So I saw they had a nice community, so I merged

What’s your plan in ODA?

My plan in ODA is to help them as much as I can. And eventually rise up as a leader.

What did you and your troops get out of the merge?

My troops and me got a better place to stay and have fun. In a better community.

Do you think SR made the right move to merge with ODA? Comment down below on your thoughts!

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2 Responses

  1. Okay, you don’t have the full story here.

    What I meant in my departure letter was that I wished that I could give The Galactic Empire a more dedicated leadership staff, but Duck simply did not listen to our advisors (or me, for that matter)

    Furthermore, despite me being a “Co-Owner” and Galactic Emperor, I was essentially treated as a 2ic throughout the entire time I was apart of TGE staff. Duck would spontaneously announce events without consulting other staff/advisors, threaten to “punish” our few members, and would not even follow our server’s own rules (Note the swearing, which was forbidden by TGE rules). I wanted to be a fully dedicated leader but I was always hindered by the “Owner”, who would undermine/override my actions. (Defeats the purpose of Co-Owning then, huh?)

    I couldn’t fully dedicate myself to TGE anymore because I always felt trapped, like despite me doing most of the work (organizing the server, making the site, etc.) I never really had any power. I was more of a “helping hand.”

    All in all it was a hopeless situation and I did not want our army to suffer any longer. I tried convincing Duck to close TGE and he refused. I left because I knew it’d cause a shutdown, but I personally did not have any authority to shut the army myself.

    To all my troops who may be reading this, I truly cared for all of you.
    I’m so sorry it ended this way.

  2. tbh i think sr is a decent guy but bad army leader he rushed into making arimes too quickly

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