Os Mascarados Lay Down Their Masks… For Now

BREEZE, Os Mascarados Empire – The Os Mascarados army shut down this week, after their final event on June 19th.

The Os Mascarados Army was founded on November 11th, 2019 by the current leader Fire3004 and MaryMoriyama. Their first event was held on November 21st, where they maxed 7.  They held sizes of around 7-9 for a few months until they began to grow, maxing up to 15, and soon they began to hit a max of 19-20.

The first event OMA held on November 11th.


OMA’s Final Event before the shutdown.

Earlier today, I headed out to interview OMA leader Fire3004 and ask him about his decisions as well as the future of the army.


Why was it decided to shut down the Os Mascarados Army? Will it return?

We ended up closing for a temporary time to solve some things on the server and in the army, but we will return to our events normally this month.

How do you think this will impact the army?

The beginning of an army is almost always very good. I think this restart will be great for the army.

Thank you for your time!

This shutdown will be temporary as the OMA HCOM team are looking to improve the server and the army as a whole.


What do YOU think about this? Is this temporary shutdown good or bad for the Os Mascarados? Will we be seeing a return sooner rather than later?

Let us know down in the comments!


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