Tensions Rise As Help Force Report Doritos on CP Rewritten

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire –  The ongoing war between the Doritos and Help Force has heated up following the reporting of Dorito members to CP Rewritten moderators by Help Force General Dlark.

On June 18th, the Doritos successfully invaded the Help Force server, Northern Lights. It was at this event tensions between the two armies reached boiling point. In a website post entitled ‘The Dark Side of the Force’, Doritos second-in-command Dino addressed the drama.

We always saw this war as just that; a war. Nothing more, nothing less. However, these powerless moderators took it into their own hands to try and destroy the balance of the war. Instead of a fun war, they decided to pull an Oagalthorp and tried to report us to actual CPRewritten moderation.

Help Force General Dlark was photographed encouraging other penguin users to report the Doritos members to the CP Rewritten moderators. Dino stated this type of behaviour would be the destruction of all Club Penguin armies and would provide incentive for the CP Rewritten staff to continue censoring the community.

This powerful post saw a quick response from the Help Force, and leader Tistle issued an apology post. It outlined the events following the controversial Help Force vs. Doritos Legends Cup battle last weekend, and stated Dlark has now left the Help Force Discord server.

The effort and impact that I’ve had to make on Help Force alone has been a challenge and I can’t imagine it’s any different for all the other armies. Rightfully it’s a message to the wider community, as our survival is under severe threat. Recruiting is harder and our survive-ability is getting more grueling everyday. I genuinely hope that this is seen as a learning curve to my staff, my army, other leaders and their armies and the community as a whole. What happened was not right and I strongly believe that we must work as united as possible to keep our society together.

We spoke to Doritos Leader Meerkat to try and gather some more information regarding these tense events.

Could you explain the situation from the Doritos point of view?

I didn’t notice it at first because I was leading most of the time but after our invasion of Northern Lights, Dino sent me screenshots of one of Help Force’s staff members, Dlark, telling players on CPR to report us for being “bots.” Also, after reviewing the recording, I noticed Dlark making many comments that we were multilogging during our invasion. Which we were not, we had a couple rogues join us as they were interested on what we were doing but they weren’t doing tactics since they weren’t in our discord server to follow orders.

What are the Doritos plans for the future regarding the Help Force?

I’m unsure at the moment. I was sent one of HF’s recent post which was an apology to DCP. It also stated that Dlark already left HF’s discord server so…. I’d have to think about it.

There is no doubt the tensions between the Help Force and Doritos have reached an all-time-high, but will the drama end here? How will the current war progress? Are the Doritos looking for revenge, or is the Help Force’s apology enough to cause any further damage?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. dlark needs to banned from hf and the army community

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