Universal S/M Top Ten Armies [14/06 – 20/06]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With the Universal Top Twenty being released today, we bring to you the Small/Medium Top Ten armies.

1. Los Facheros [27.5]

2. Red Ravagers [25.4]

3. Coup Crusaders [23.5]

4. Peoples Imperial Confederation [20.0]

5. Water Troops [19.5]

6. Golden Troops [13.5]

7. Lime Green Army [5.5]

Click here for the S/M top ten calculations.


1. Los Facheros:  Los Facheros started off their week on Monday with 3 training events. Their first training event maxed 12, their second maxed 15 and their third maxed 14! Their final event of the week was another training event on Tuesday and they were able to max 16.

2. Red Ravagers: The Red Ravagers stormed into the week on Monday with their own Branch Battle event, maxing 8 and having Fire Squad win the battle. Next, on Wednesday, they invaded PIC’s Alpine server, maxing 9 and successfully taking it due to PIC not showing up. They continued their siege on PIC servers with another invasion of Below Zero on Friday, maxing 10 and winning despite PIC coming on to defend their land. Finally, on Saturday, they held a Pride Event, in which they dressed up in colourful outfits and did prideful tactics, maxing 8 to wrap up the week!

3. Coup Crusaders: The Coup Crusaders had only held one event this week, which was a training event on Thursday which had maxed 11.

4. Peoples Imperial Confederation: People’s Imperial Confederation began their week with CPA: TG’s Last Dance where they managed to achieve 8 members in attendance. The same day came to their Cartoon Takeover with 4 penguins. Soon after, PIC went to Defend Wool Socks against PZF with 9 members. Their second Defense of the week came in the form of the Defense of Snow Shoe that had a max of 5. The week ended with the Defense Of Husky with a max of 8.

5. Water Troops: The Water Troops started their week out with their first event on Wednesday. They held a US Duck Invasion and maxed 7! For the second and final event of their week, they had an EU Training event where they maxed 8.

6. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops had just one event this week, a first training event on the private server Sleet.me. They peaked at a size of 6 penguins.

7. Lime Green Army: The Lime Green Army held only one event this week. They participated in the final events of CPATG, and maxed 2 troops!


The Los Facheros place themselves on top after two weeks. Will they be able to enter the Top Twenty next week? Comment YOUR opinion on the S/M Top Ten Armies. Let us know what YOU think.


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