Universal Top Twenty Armies [14/06 – 20/06]

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — With an action-packed week full of battles, wars, and the Legends Cup, here are the Top Twenty Armies of this week.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [130.6]

2. Ice Warriors [123.5]

3. Army of Club Penguin [89.5]

 4. Dark Warriors [88.1]

5. Doritos of Club Penguin [86.5]

6. Help Force [83.8]

 7. Water Vikings [58.0]

8. Elites [53.8]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [45.3]

 10. Royal Family [43.0]

11. Templars [39.0]

12. PETASWATCP [37.5]

13. Mango Corps [34.5]

14. Fighter Pilots [34.3]

15. Marines [33.5]

16. Pizza Federation [32]

17. Army of Orient Seas [31.5]

18. Crimson Guardians [31.0]

19T. Irish Republican Army [28.5]

19T. Silver Empire [28.5]

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1. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation kicked off their busy week on Sunday with an AUSIA Igloo Raid event! They maxed 50 troops at this event. Their second event of the day was an EU/US Branch Battle where they brought a max of 83. They danced over to Tuesday for their AUSIA Dance Dance event where they maxed 81. Their second event of the day was an EU Speed Event where they brought a max of 78. They had also had an unscheduled Stress Test event that maxed 64. On Wednesday they held a Crocodile event that maxed 103! For their Thursday event, they had an EU Uncharted, VC training event where they brought 87 troops. On Friday they hosted an AUSIA Find Four tournament that maxed 50. For their second event of the day, they had a US Groovin’ and Moovin’ event where they maxed 97. They ended their week off on the right foot with their Saturday LCX battle against the Ice Warriors. They were able to win and are off to the finals, good luck! They were able to max 162 for their final event of the week.

2. Ice Warriors: IW held three events this week. They came out victorious in their Legends Cup battle against ACP, maxing a total of 120 penguins. On Thursday, they held a training event with a total of 65 in attendance. To end their week, they had a semi-final battle against the RPF in which they managed to max 110 Warriors online.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army of Club Penguin started off their week with their battle in LCX against the Ice Warriors. Unfortunately, they lost but were able to max 80! The next day they had attended the CPATG Free For All where they maxed 40. The next day they had an AUSIA Boombox event where they maxed 47. The same day, they had a UK Orchestra takeover, where they maxed 34. Their next event was an AUSIA Twilight Lei Fiesta on Thursday, where they maxed 41. Their second event was a US Birthday Party for one of their members, Hollow. They had maxed 43 at this party. Their Friday event was a UK/US Beach Party event that maxed 49. Their Saturday events consisted of an AUSIA Hip Hop Event that maxed 37 as well as their Branch Battle that maxed 35.

4. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors started off their week on Sunday with their Legends Cup battle against the Water Vikings in which they maxed 68. Progressing with their week, they had a training event maxing 50. Thursday was packed with an AUSIA event, maxing 35 Warriors. They then battled the Help Force in the Legends Cup Battle on Saturday in which they maxed 78.

5. Doritos of Club Penguin: The Doritos had an action-packed week consisting of invading the Help Force. They first started off with a successful invasion of Skates maxing 61. The army then ended the week with a successful invasion of Northern Lights peaking at 66 troops.

6. Help Force: Help Force kicked off their busy week with a Branch Battle! They were able to max 42 at this event. Their next event was on Tuesday to defend their server from a DCP invasion, maxing 44 at this event. They went on to have an unscheduled AUSIA maxing 34 and followed that up with a boombox event hitting sizes of 58. They then held a stamp heist, maxing 37, followed by a rake takeover, bubblegum bonanza, and a mini practice where they maxed 31. Their last event before their Legends Cup semi-finals battle was an igloo raid where they maxed 28. They ended their week on a high note, maxing 65 and beating DW to proceed to the Legends Cup final where they face RPF.

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings started out their week on Sunday with their LC battle against the Dark Warriors. Unfortunately, they lost this round but were able to max 38! Their second event of the week occurred on Tuesday. They maxed 27 ducks for their Duck Takeover. On Thursday they had held a Pride event, maxing 29. The next day they had an opening event for their US division. They were able to max 26 at this event. For their final event of the week, they had invaded White House successfully, maxing 26 at this invasion.

8. Elites: The Elites had a simple week consisting of two events. They first held a training event maxing 28 troops. The army then held an AUSIA Division Stamp Hunt maxing 30. To end their week, the Elites had a Stamp Event for the US division in which they had 30 troops online.

9. Special Weapons & Tactics: TSWAT’s week began with the induction of Teaska into the leadership. They participated in the free-for-all battle server maxing 22. Two days later, on June 17th, they achieved a maximum size of 25 at a training event on new private server CP Armies. The army held their last event for the week as a Starfish event in which they maxed 23.

10. Royal Family: The Royals of CP held their final event this week before shutting down, a Goodbye Royals Event maxing 27 troops! They had an excellent run and maxed an impressive number before shutting their doors as an S/M army.

11. Templars: Templars kicked their week off by attending the free-for-all battle where they maxed 26. They went on to have a pre-battle training where they maxed 22 and ended their week with an invasion of Toboggan maxing 17.

12. PETASWATCP: PETASWATCP held one event this week, in which they maxed 22 users.

13. Mango Corps: The Mango Corps only held one event this week. The army held a training event maxing 19 troops.

14. Fighter Pilots: The Fighter Pilots started out their week with a Summer Luau event on Tuesday where they had maxed 10. 2 days later they had an AUSIA Bee Movie Training, where they gathered 15 troops! The next day they held a Hide n Seek event which maxed 9. To end off their week, the Fighter Pilots had a training event on Saturday that maxed 9.

15. Marines: The Marines held 3 events this week! They started off with a Monday AUSIA Training Event, maxing 10 marines, and then held an AUSIA Dance Party Event with the Hip Hop Hoodie on CPR, maxing 15. Finally, they raided a US Templars Event in the Miner Hat, maxing 15.

16. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation had a busy week this week. Their week started off late, with an Invasion Of Belly Slide where they maxed 11 and managed to earn themselves the server. This was closely followed by yet another invasion, this time the Invasion Of Wool Socks with 9 penguins in attendance where they once again won the server. The week ended off with the Invasion Of Husky where they maxed 12, claiming yet another victory.

17. Army of Orient Seas: The Army of Orient Seas kicked off their week with their first event on Thursday. They had a training event in which they maxed 18. Their second and final event of the week was a U-Lead event on Saturday and maxed 10.

18. Crimson Guardians: CG started off their week with an instrument takeover maxing 17. They went on to have a hide and seek event where they maxed 8 and followed that up with an EU Prude Trivia event maxing 11. They ended their week with a tactic session maxing 8.

19T. Irish Republican Army: The IRA held a car bomb training event this week, in which they maxed 13 republicans.

19T. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire attended the CPATG free-for-all as their first event of the week where they maxed 10. Their one other event was a Sky Troops memorial event where they maxed 12.


With the tournament coming to an end, will it affect the army standings? Comment YOUR opinion on this week’s Top 20 Armies. Let us know what YOU think.


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