What Happened To The Peoples Imperial Confederation?

TOBOGGAN, People’s Imperial Confederation Capital – For small/medium armies, troop numbers can be the make or break for that organisation. An army which started out strong with good troop numbers, regular events and even practice battles with other armies got caught up in multi-logging scandals, unusually low troop numbers and multiple wars at once. But how did this happened?

The People’s Imperial Confederation was an army created back in October, 2019 by Sidie9. Since then, PIC have been participating in a number of community events and trying as much as they can to make army known.

In May’s Challenger’s Cup, PIC demonstrated that they weren’t an army to mess with as they participated in what appeared to be their first ever community event with a battle between themselves and the Aliens of Club Penguin which resulted in a PIC victory which sent them to the CC semi-finals. Sidie9 wrote a post on the battle on the PIC website stating that:

Today has been perhaps one of the most historic days in the Confederation’s history.

PIC vs Aliens of CP, May 2020

The Confederation continued this presentation of success both in and out of CC battles by having good attendance to Challenger’s Cup training and invading free land on CP Armies: The Game prior to its closure.

The Challenger’s Cup semi-finals saw PIC go up against the Crimson Guardians and pull off yet another victory maxing 18 troops with a 16 troop average. This one was a close battle however, with the two armies tying in two out of the three rooms played and the PIC winning the third, sending them to the CC finals.

PIC vs. CG May 2020

Upon reaching the finals, after holding one CC training event and another army event, the People’s Imperial Confederation seemed to run out luck as they lost to the Pizza Federation 1-0-2. However it wasn’t all bad for the PIC as they had a higher troop turn out with 26 max troops which simultaneously broke their record for the highest number of PIC troops at an event. But was that number true?

PIC vs, PZF May 2020

Not long after their battle against PZF, the PIC claimed they were targeted during the battle by an individual who was no Confederation troop. On the CP Army Media Discord, Sidie said:

PIC demands some kind of tie or rematch based on information Phoebe or someone will soon provide. We had troops that weren’t even ours mess with our tactics and make us look incompetent. They did the same with CC vs PZF.

Of course, the CPAM staff took this very seriously and decided to investigate these claims too see whether they could prove that other troops were intentionally jeopardising PIC performance. CP Army Media made an article which followed the investigations, how they were conducted and the outcome (click here to read). In short, it was found out that it was in fact the Confederation who were multi-logging and Sidie, along with other PIC troops, were found out to have multiple accounts attending the event to boost troop numbers.

The People’s Imperial Confederation Head of Command didn’t publicly deny these accusations but were adamant on the CPAM Discord that they didn’t multi-log and wouldn’t perform such actions.

Despite these denials, PIC troops numbers began to drop. Events held were now maxing around 4 – 5 troops, 7 troops at best. Although these numbers seem normal for a small/medium army, the troop numbers continued to drop and, compared to previous months were event attendance was high, this was a hit for the Confederation. Recruitment events also seemed to have no effect on increasing troop numbers for the army.

PIC troops at CPATG Last Dance

On June 16th, Lizzie PIC HCOM, made a post on the PIC website addressing the situation regarding CC finals multi-logging and troop decline. She denied any PIC involvement but noted that despite being a Confederation troop at the time, they were unaware of Earthing’s past and believed it to only be him who had been signed in on multiple accounts. On top of this, Lizzie said that they don’t know who the unidentified accounts were and denied accusing Pizza Federation of multi-logging.

Continuing on in her post, Lizzie spoke about how a number of troops, including Earthing, left the Confederation due to the multi-logging scandal. She also stated that troops were also leaving PIC to join the Recon Federation of Club Penguin which the PIC aren’t on good terms with. Lizzie ended the post by saying:

I know you don’t want to attend events, or do recruitments or such. But we want to grow our numbers again. This army used to be splendid, I want those times to return. I’ll do anything, I’ll even schedule all my events to be recruitment events. I want this army to return strong.

The People’s Imperial Confederation have recently defended two of their servers, Wool Socks and Husky, against the Pizza Federation who were described as using “multi-logging tactics” against the PIC and lost. Despite these loses, however, the Confederation won another server defence of Snow Shoe against Templars, another army who are no strangers to multi-logging accusations.

PIC defence of Snow Shoe, June 2020

In what can be seen as an added insult to injury, the Confederation have had war declared on them by not one, but three armies. Both the Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers decided that they would both invade PIC nations in an attempt to steal their land from them. PZF stated their motive was retaliation for the accusation of multi-logging in the CC final and the RR have simply stated that while the Confederation is in decline, they will take advantage in their abundance of land as the Ravagers don’t own much. On top of this, the Templars decided they would join the war making it a 3 v 1 against the PIC. CP Army Media made a post regarding this ordeal (click here to read).

While it appears thing couldn’t get any better for the Confederation, the Water Vikings and Marines have joined the war and sided with the People’s Imperial Confederation. The Marines said that they weren’t going to let their allies, the PIC, have their empire destroyed in their fragile state and WV have stated that they would not stand by and watch their allies face off on their own. CP Army Media also made a post writing in full regarding the new change in the war (click here to read).

The PIC are trying to pick themselves up and are trying their hardest to keep a positive attitude in the face of negativity, decline and war but did the multi-logging scandal and triple threat war begin a domino of destruction that will result in a PIC closure, or will the recent victory and new war allies prove they still mean business and save them from such a stoop?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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