Army 101: Discord Raids and How To Prevent Them

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Discord is an essential part of running an army, with beneficial features and availability to everyone with internet access. It can be seen as necessary for an army to have a well-run server, but the recent abundance of raids has threatened the harmonious running of many armies chatting groups. What are discord raids, and how can you prevent them?

Discord Server raids are not a new thing to the Discord community, but with many new armies and new servers, it is important to address the significance of a server raid and how it can be prevented.

What is a Discord raid?

A Discord server raid is when a group of people or an individual joins an army’s server to start chaos. Usually, they can be prevented, although if not, it is unpleasant for the server, and annoying to the staff teams. When a server is raided, users or bots spam the chats. Some free sites give hacks for free raid bots, but should not be trusted. Also, these sites can give you viruses once you click on its link, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the raid hack websites are one of them.

Raiding consists of pinging @everyone or @here multiple times. If it’s in a pretty large server, this could notify hundreds of users. Another aspect of raiding is sending the same message over and over again until they are banned or muted. A majority of the time these messages are long paragraphs with inappropriate aspects meant to flood the chat. A lot of times, these inappropriate messages can be offensive to others which can cause many members to leave the server. Nonetheless, if multiple Discord raids happen and there’s no action taken from the administrators, it can cause unrest and a lack of trust from the members.

Past raid where the user pinged @everyone multiple times along with an offensive message.

Are there other types of raids?

Unfortunately, Discord raids aren’t the only type of raids that occur in the CPA community. It is known that Club Penguin Rewritten isn’t the only platform that is used for activities. Many other games are used by armies, such as:, Xat, Roblox, Kahoot, Minecraft, Box Critters, etc. There are many benefits of including other games into your army. In general, they are fun and can bring people closer together since everyone has different interests. But, I’d recommend being careful with these events. Giving out an access link where anyone can join is dangerous. Users can join with a different name and raid the event by being inappropriate or sending offensive speech to a game that has a chat feature. Although these may not happen as often, they still do occur and can cause the same backlash from members as Discord raid do. 

Who is behind these raids, and why? 

Server raids are usually started by certain individuals to mess with their enemy or for laughs, and they could be raid bots or actual users. Since raiding involves spamming, it is against Discord’s Terms of Service. Discord claims that once reported for raiding, they take action immediately, so I wouldn’t recommend participating in one. Since some people use bots instead, this makes it more difficult for people to find who did it, but not impossible. Bots are not used as much because they are an expense to those who decided to use them. They have been used multiple times to raid armies in the past. Without proper precautions, these raids can be harmful to your army. In a bot raid, you will see numerous accounts join the server, without the appropriate precautions, they can get into the main or general chat and start their frenzy. 

Bot Raid in ACP.

How often do raids happen? 

Discord server raids happen often, occurring several times each week. Bot raids, on the other hand, happen not as often. The most recent bot raid was on Saturday, June 20th and the army attacked was the Army of Club Penguin. They were unfortunately struck with about 3 to 4 bot raids, with 268 users joining the server. Most of them were unable to get past the welcome chat, but some were able to bypass it. After this occurred, the staff team was able to quickly handle the situation and added additional restrictions to prevent this occurring another time. Another example of bot raiding happened to Ice Warriors back in late May. They spam pinged random individuals, luckily the leaders quickly muted the chat. Nobody is quite sure who did it and why, but you could never be too sure when it comes to bot raids.

How do we prevent these raids? 

Luckily, there are many ways to keep your Discord server safe. The first, and probably the most beneficial way is to change the verification settings in Discord. You can apply different levels of verification to the server that restricts access from bots or unsafe users. The ‘Low’ setting requires a verified email. The ‘Medium’ level requires the user to be registered on Discord for 5 minutes to join the server, in addition to the verified email. The ‘High’ level requires being in the server for 10 minutes before being able to chat in any of the channels. This also includes past level restrictions. The ‘Highest’ verification level requires users to verify their phone number. While all of these settings sound like a great way to filter out some bad eggs and weaken the chance of a raid, these may not be ideal for every server. Usually, army servers stay at the Low or Medium level.

Discord verification settings.

Another way to help avoid raids is by creating a ‘Verification’ or ‘Welcome’ channel where they are unable to speak in other channels without being assigned a certain role. This especially helps with bot raids and keeping your server safer in general. To assist with raids that allow users to ping @everyone, I would recommend turning the feature off for all members to avoid anyone pinging the entire server. There are also bots available to assist with the prevention of raids. Some can require a ‘reCAPTCHA’ when joining the server or may assist in a lockdown of the server during the raid. These are great ways to keep your server safe. Regardless if you are reading this as a server owner or not, these are great tips to understand how the servers you are in is being run to protect yourself and others.

The CP Army Media team was able to speak exclusively with the current Biker’s leader, PhoenixFire, to find out more about his thoughts on the Biker’s recent Discord raids.

How have the Biker’s been affected by Discord server raids?

About 5 people left the army because of it sadly.

Were these raid(s) intentional, or done by a random individual?

 I honestly don’t know. I think that they were intentional by a group of people.

Have you put any measures in place to prevent this from occurring again?

Yes we made a verification system. They have to click the reaction and acknowledge our rules and we can see who they are before they just enter our server.

We were also able to speak exclusively with one of the current Doritos of Club Penguin leaders, Wassim23, to find out more about his thoughts on DCP’s Discord raids.

How have the Doritos been affected by Discord server raids?

The raids didn’t affect our discord, roles pings and here/everyone is always disabled for members. Our hcom & staff both acted very quickly and banned the raiders within seconds. 

Were these raid(s) intentional, or done by a random individual?

We really don’t know if it’s our enemies from alts or random people. There are always theories in the air but we can’t know for sure. I think it’s more like random people that raid army servers.

Have you put any measures in place to prevent this from occurring again?

Yes. Recently after the last raid, we disabled the vanity invite so that our enemies can’t get in easily. We also disabled all the ping-able roles and links in general chat.


We have discussed a lot of information regarding Discord raids. All of it is very important information to understand whether you’re a server owner or not. Discord raids can be harmful to your group which is why everyone should take proper precautions when running a server. With the interviews from DCP, having a good staff team and a system already in place to prevent these raids, makes a less impact overall.

What do YOU think? Are there other ways to prevent these raids?  Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. TIP: Use Phone verification as Bots don’t have a phone, But by using coding, we can create emails to create support emails. So Phone Verification is best! If your server has a Verification CHANNEL, then use Email verification.

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