[EDITORIAL] The Tale of Terms: An Endless Addition of Rules

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Hidcre’s Desk – With invasions being scheduled back to back, many armies have been adding rules to ensure their side has the upper hand of winning a defense or invasion.

Please note: The following post is an editorial and contains the writer’s personal opinion. It does not represent the views of CPAM as a whole. 

Within the updates section of the CP Army Media discord server, there have been numerous terms added to multiple invasions within the last few days. Starting from the Water Vikings invasion of White House, the original terms were the following:

No transfers

No Multilogging

No Allies

From that point on, both sides have been adding and discussing terms. This can include: no colonies, no member allowed to leave their own army, no multilogging, and more. This was all for the better chance of taking victory of the server.

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After the Templars 2-1-0 loss of their server, they scheduled an invasion back in an attempt to re-take what was originally theirs.

Personally, I see a problem with all of this in general. Why go through all of this trouble of making new terms JUST to ensure your win? If you want to keep servers and gain more, do what every other army would do: RECRUIT. You can’t just go dilly-dally with the terms if you don’t have enough members to. Armies love to find as many loopholes as possible if terms are added, and adding terms doesn’t make a difference to your maximum sizes unless the enlisted users are dual-enlisting. Most invasion terms don’t allow dual enlisting, and some armies just don’t allow dual enlisting at all!

However, I also get the fact that armies are very competitive but have a relatively low max. In my eyes, that’s completely okay! Take the People’s Imperial Confederation for example: during the Challenger’s Cup, they were a small/medium powerhouse, with no sign of giving up anything at all. During these days, they max low and no sign of return with those high numbers at the moment.

Taking terms too far just like with the invasions above, you are practically asking for chaos to occur. I see no problem with adding terms as the CP Army Media League rules say, but what the Templars and Water Vikings are doing is just taking it up too far instead of going head-on and taking in what could’ve been a simple server, to an all-out endless addition of terms.

With all said, what do YOU think? Will this rampage of terms add on to more upcoming invasions or will it stick with the rising tensions between the Templars and Water Vikings? Let us know by commenting!


CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

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