A Timeline Of The ‘Confederation War’ So Far

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – A huge alliance war, labelled the ‘Confederation War’, has embroiled the community for the past week. But how exactly did it come about, and what significant events have occurred? 

At the time of writing, the following armies have been involved in the Confederation War conflict: Marines, Water Vikings, Red Ravagers, Los Facheros, Templars, People’s Imperial Confederation, Water Troops and the Pizza Federation. This brings to a total of nine armies, all of which have been invested in a clash that has taken place both on and off the battle server.

The first signs of conflict occurred on June 15th, when the Red Ravagers and Pizza Federation declared war on the People’s Imperial Confederation (click here to read). Six invasions were set, the reasons put down to the Ravagers desire for land and the Federation wanting revenge for previous multilogging allegations.

The conflict developed from here, with the Templars joining the war and siding with both the Ravagers and Pizza Federation. With multiple invasions of their empire scheduled, the Confederation did their best to defend what they could. However, a series of failed defences saw them rapidly lose land (click here to read).

June 18th: The Federation successfully capture server Wool Socks

Overwhelmed from three opponents, the Marines and Water Vikings stepped in to join the Confederation’s side of the conflict (click here to read). With a total of six armies now involved, a declaration of war post stated the Water Vikings would be facing the Templars while the Marines would focus on the PZF. Vikings leader Kingfunks4 described the Ravagers, Templars and Federation as “ganging up” on the Confederation, and that they took advantage of main leader Sidie9 being away on leave.

This, however, led to a bizarre chain of events, in which the Templars and Water Vikings exchanged numerous additions of war terms (click here to read). This included: no colonies, no allies, no multilogging, no neutral army allowed to intervene, no dual enlistment, no stopping veterans from attending, and even “no adding any more terms”.

The first two battles in the WV-Templars war occured on June 20th and June 22nd. The Vikings successfully captured Templars server White House, and then defended it two days later.

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June 20th: The Water Vikings defeat the Templars on White House

The Marines are yet to join the conflict officially, but have held one raid on the Templars nation, on June 20th. This same day, the Pizza Federation withdrew themselves from the alliance war. The Confederation transferred their final two servers to the Chefs, but made clear they are still at war with the Templars.

The latest army to join the war is the Los Facheros, who have sided with the Templars. The pair plan to invade the Water Vikings at the same time later today, forcing the Vikings to either split their army or pick just one server to defend. Meanwhile, the Water Troops have been dragged into the conflict as the Red Ravagers are declared war and plan on invading a server later today.

With four separate battles in this Confederation War occurring later today, the conflict is set to continue. But which side will end up victorious? And which of the armies will benefit or suffer from these events?

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