Battle Review: Templars and Water Vikings Fight For White House

KLONDIKE, Water Vikings Nation– On Monday, June 22nd, the Templars invaded Water Vikings server White House in an attempt to reclaim lost land.

At 5pm EDT, the Templars and Water Vikings logged onto Klondike to fight for Water Viking territory. The Templars were invading the server White House that had been captured from them two days prior. While the Vikings claim a maximum of 27, Templars state they maxed 30 penguins. Both armies fought into overtime, where Water Vikings sealed the victory. The four battle rooms were the Box Dimension, Cove, Ship Hold, and Inside the Mine.

[Box Dimension]

First, the two armies traveled to the Box Dimension. Both started with a bomb, before the Water Vikings went for an X formation and the Templars created a square around them. Soon after, the Templars attempted to sit on the Vikings X. Although both teams had great formations, Water Viking’s faster tactics won them the room.

Room 1: Box Dimension


Next, the armies went to the Cove. They both started with great bombs, and the Water Vikings went for a plus formation and the Templars created an X. While the Templars blasted some great word bombs, the Vikings went to sit next to the campfire. They then went for a V formation while Templars made an upside-down T. Since both teams had fantastic tactics and great formations, this room was declared a tie.

Room 2: Cove

[Ship Hold]

Then, they transferred to the Ship Hold, where both teams started with bombs. After some great word and emote tactics, the Templars settled into an X formation while the Water Vikings went for a plus. There was another word bomb by the Templars, which prevented Water Vikings from changing tactics. Due to Templars use of big word tactics and bombs, they won the third room and the battle went into overtime.

Room 3: Ship Hold

[Inside Mine]

Finally, the two armies went inside the Mine. After a bomb, the Templars went for a plus formation while the Water Vikings made an upside-down T. These large tactics made use of the large amount of space, so there was very little crowding. Water Vikings then changed to a V formation while the Templars went to an upside-down T. The Water Vikings changed to a diagonal line while the Templars went for a plus. While Templars had great tactics, the Water Vikings won the last room because of their formations.

Room 4: Inside the Mine

In the end, the Water Vikings won rooms one and four while the Templars won room three. They successfully defended the White House. Even though the Templars declared defeat, they showed very impressive formations and tactics.

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