Veteran sCargo2 Joins Elites Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Elites Empire- sCargo2 was appointed the position of Elites Emperor on June 21st. But how will he fair in this new role?

sCargo2, commonly known as Cargo, is well known in the army community for his leadership and legend roles in several armies. He was titled a legend in four different armies, a testament to his leadership. Just a few of the armies under his repertoire include: Ice Warriors, SWAT, Shadow Troops, Light Troops. His experience in this modern generation also includes being a board member in the CP Army League.

Many have labelled him as the perfect addition due to his prior connections with the rest of the leadership. In a website post, leader Simmonds2000 explained his friendship with Cargo dated back to their SWAT leadership. In addition, Lucifer mentioned Cargo was his leader in the past, and was a figure he looked up to. Firestar08 claims he has great chemistry with sCargo2 because they have been long-time friends since 2014.

So far, even though he has just joined, his contributions to the army have been noted. He has offered good advice the higher command about tactics before battles, giving his knowledge from the years he’s been in the community. He has also been assisting at events, most likely to get used to working with the army members.

CP Army Media was able to talk to both Lucifer and Cargo, Emperors or the Elites, about the latest leadership addition.

Emperor Lucifer

What made you decide to bring sCargo2 into leadership?

Well, to be honest, Cargo is someone who’s led armies I’ve been in, in the past, and ever since I revived Elites with the others, I wanted Cargo on the Leadership. I’ve seen the impact he brings about to armies that he’s a part of and I think he’ll be a definite asset in the coming days as we look to scale

Are you happy with what sCargo2 has done so far?

It’s only been a day since he joined the Leadership, but so far he’s helped us recruit, and rebuild our website.

Emperor sCargo2

How did the troops react about you coming to power?

A lot of them were super happy about it, which I’m not too surprised about since I led a lot of them in the past

What are your plans for the future of the Elites?

I just plan to meme around and have fun like I usually do in armies. Obviously, I’ll take some things seriously but the fun is the priority.

It seems that Cargo will be a great addition to the leadership team and will overall be a great benefit to the army. With great teamwork and experience, the Elites are sure to continue with their successes. Could we even see the rise up the Top Twenty listings later this week?

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