The Royal Warriors Reign Comes to an End.

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royal Warriors – With many armies closing around the leagues, either merging or shutting down, a new army has come across the shield of view: the Royal Warriors (RW). 

The Royal Warriors were one of many alternate language armies, with their users mainly speaking Spanish. On Wednesday, June 22nd, they released shocking news that announced the army’s closure. RW was created by their former leader, StampPin around the 13th of May, 2020. RW was an S/M army, first maxing 5-7, but at the end of their reign, the army was able to max upwards to 15-20! Even though they had a short run, RW was able to achieve many notable accomplishments, such as placing multiple times in the Universal Top Ten. They even placed first for the week of 06/07-06/13!

Most recent Royal Warriors event, maxing 20.

A little over a month after the opening of the Royal Warriors, the former leader, Nacho, had released a post announcing the shutdown of the army. In his post of closure, Nacho made comments that the closure was due to staff leaving the army:

Spanish to English translation – As many already know, Many of our staff left (myself included), I only make this announcement to tell you that RW will close its doors, We do not know if we will reopen it or leave it like this, for now, it will close, and before all, I would like to thank all the active members of this army, they helped us a lot, and I think this will be the farewell, bye guys.


After 30 hours, it was announced that RW would merge into ACP, claiming to give all their troops to ACP:

Spanish to English translation – For many, it will be a strange thing, but this army has closed and we have decided to make a merge, I ask you please to join the ACP server this will be the army to which we will give all our members.


The CP Army Media was able to speak exclusively with the former Royal Warriors leader, Nacho, to hear his thoughts on the closure of RW.



Why did you guys shut down RW?

Well, after a few weeks organizing events for the army, we started to have problems among the staff, also many members were being inactive and did not collaborate in the army, after a while, things did not improve, we went from having a max of 20 to one of 3, StampPin, Lilox and I discussed the future of the army, We saw that we were no longer motivated to continue working on Royal Warriors and decided that the best thing to do was shutting it down.

What was the primary reason staff were leaving? Were they uninterested? Had they given up?

The primary reason for staff leaving was StampPin, After talking seriously with all the staff all were feeling the same, they did not like StampPin’s ways to control everything, and we were feeling uncomfortable with him being a leader , so we decided to leave the army and shut it down.

I heard you guys merged into ACP, what’s that all about?

Well, some friends of mine that are part of ACP’s staff told me that if I merged RW into ACP I could be part of the staff team, so I decided to do it and to become a part of this beautiful army.

Do you see the Royal Warriors coming back anytime in the future?

I really don’t think that RW will come back, maybe someone will revive it but it will not be the same.

Regardless of their short-run as an army, it is evident that the staff, members, as well as the community, has been affected positively by the Royal Warriors. We here at CP Army Media wish the leaders and members of the Royal Warriors all the best for the future.


What do YOU think? Do you think the RW staff made the right move to close and merge? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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