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KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — Continuing with the series, we bring to you the fourth edition of ‘Masterminds’.

For this part, we have none other than DrFlen with us. A veteran in several armies, a popular individual in the community, and the developer of the CP Armies, let’s dive into the career review of Flen, and see what he has for the community!

CPWorld2001’s (Flen) first army, was the Rebel Penguin Federation. Waddling around in Club Penguin, Silverburg recruited Flen into the RPF. Flen’s journey in the army has been both good as well as controversial. As soon as CPW became a part of Club Penguin Armies, he also became a follower of Elmikey. In 2014, under the leadership of RPF Legends like Elmikey, Flen became the highest moderator in the army. Soon after, after RPF witnessed the removal of Elmikey, Flen decided to stay with the army and ranked up to Second-in-Command.

Dark Warriors proved to be the next stop for Flen. After Elmikey’s transition into the army, Flen joined the Dark Warriors which was back then led by xxToysoldier, Drake, PufPuf, Elmikey, Silverburg and Ambrosha. CPW joined as mid-moderator and made his way up to the highest moderator within a month. DrFlen decided to join Ice Warriors after his leave from the Dark Warriors. Leading the AUSIA division, Flen became popular among the community and also attached himself with CP Army Central.

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Even though his journey in CP Armies has been controversial, he has played a vital role in the re-formation of this community.

CP Army Media was able to catch hold of Flen, while he was busy coding the Navbar. Let’s hear it from the man himself!

What do you like doing outside of Club Penguin Armies? Any hobbies in specific?

Well, I have a passion for CSS and Coding in PHP. I’m not perfect in the PHP part, so I try to sit back, relax and try out new things with the coding language itself. That’s why we see CPAM having changes once in a while because I like trying new things with CSS and PHP and I implement them on CPAM!

If you had to choose one, which would be the best moment of your CPA Career?

Ah, this is a tough one, but I suppose it has to be the time period of 2014-15. It was the best time to exist in CP Armies, we all were so active, wars going on. If we talk about a particular event, then it has to be the day when I tricked Waffles into giving me RPF and then handed it over to Elmikey. I don’t regret that day once. Even tho I was a part of Ice Warriors back then, but my patriotism for RPF never died. Even if I’d be retired now and if RPF would need me, I’d do whatever I can to help RPF.

The community wants to know that how many aliases have you used up till now?

Ok here we go: Dan, Jazzer, Flen, CPWorld2001, BabyFunks, LittleFunks, iDanny, DrFlen (copied the dr from DrMatt lmao), BlueSockwa3, little sockwa, the sockwa child (inside cpac lOl), Icecold1234, Furious24, and many more which I don’t remember.

With the dramas surrounding private servers lately, what are your thoughts about the future of armies in general?

Well, my closeness to Club Penguin as a game was made clear in a post that I published on CPAM. I don’t think that armies will ever cease to exist. It is a never ending loop. As long as there is CP Source Files out there, there will be cppses. Now, I agree that a part of community is toxic, but we can’t really go around saying that the game itself need to die for toxicity to end. These people who are toxic in here, must also be as toxic in real life. So I think that CP Armies are far from over.


Being one of the important figures in the current community, it’s without a doubt that DrFlen is a Mastermind. Be it designing websites, or helping with the development of private servers, Flen has managed to make an impact in all sectors of the community.

What do YOU think about this edition of the Masterminds? 
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