Holy Coup: Coup Crusaders Declare War On Templars

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The Templars have been in the hot seat of controversy for a little while now, in their quest to gain land they invaded, and even declared war on, former allies the People’s Imperial Confederation. So what have they done to the Crusaders to prompt war?

Recently, the Templars have been taking on smaller armies in an attempt to invade and conquer their nations, but their most recent clash has proven to be a little more challenging . The Coup Crusaders have declared war on the TCP with the following terms:

  • No server transfers (this excludes server transfers between Crusaders and Templars.
  • No Multilogging.
  • No help from allies or neutral armies.
  • Colonies made before the war are allowed.
  • Colonies that are made after the war declaration are not allowed.
  • Anything not stated here is allowed e.g. dual enlistment, therefore, no terms shall be input into this war declaration as long as CPAM rules aren’t broken.
  • If Templars decide to invade CC land while in this war, they have to abide by these terms.

Despite dual enlistment being allowed in the original terms, TCP leader Freedomist, stated that it breaks the rules of CPAM and was agreed upon that this would be removed from the terms.

Templars wasted no time in trying to gain the upper hand by invading newly-won nation Alpine from the Crusaders yesterday. On June 24th, CC successfully invaded Alpine, taking it from its former owners Red Ravagers and claiming it for themselves.

Defence of Alpine. CC vs. TCP. June, 2020

However, there was controversy surrounding who won as the Crusaders’ parent colony Ice Warriors showed up to help defend against TCP. There appeared to be confusion as CPAM judges declared a Templars victory and successful invasion due to CC using the IW to help during the event, being described as a “neutral army”. Whereas both Ice Warriors and Crusaders disputed this result as they believed that the CPAM rules state “colonies made before the war are allowed”. This was quickly made clear by CPAM judge Myth who said this on the CPAM Discord:

unknown.png (655×194)

After the confusion was cleared, the Coup Crusaders refused to accept the Templars victory and stated that they believe TCP currently hold ownership over a nation that they shouldn’t. In the search for more information regarding why the war began, CP Army Media spoke to a member of the Coup Crusaders HCOM to try and get an insight into their motives.

When asked about why the war began, they said that they declared war on the Templars due to how they act within the community and how they treat smaller armies. The CC member stated:

Templars are going to small/medium armies asking if they want to colonise or merge with them and if they reject they invade and declare war.
They are trying to force armies to merge so they can grow and if they don’t merge, Templars invade and some get shut down because of it, like Dark Bandits.

Talking more about the reasoning behind declaring war, the Crusader mentioned former Templars leader Xing, and how they are known for harassing other armies and their leaders and saying that “Xing throws a tantrum” when TCP don’t win a battle or invasion providing this screenshot:

The CC member stated another reason for declaring war was down to Templars fabricating their troop numbers on more than one occasion. They said:

Yesterday (invasion of Alpine) they maxed 12-14, and claimed 17+. The previous invasion they had on us they maxed 15-16 and claimed 21+.

They continued by saying:

We don’t want the community to get harassed by Templars. They declared war on their own allies because they didn’t want to merge.
Referring back to their most recent encounter with the TCP, the Crusader mentioned how they believe that the Templars doxxed a member of the CC during an event, causing them to lose connection from the server, ultimately dropping troop numbers for the Coup Crusaders. They said:
So we had a battle against Templars and, as far as I know right now, 2 troops, including myself crashed, like not a normal crash but a whole computer crash. Despite the WiFi being good on other devices and on the computer I was using, it crashed and then had a problem loading any page at all, even discord crashed – all applications.
They also claimed that they had received a DM from Xing over Discord during this period, which they say lead them to believe that he had something to do with it. Providing this screenshot, the staff member said that due to actions committed in the past and what is said below, that is why they have good reason to suspect Xing’s involvement. The dox claim was, however, disregarded due to lack of evidence shown.
Following on from this, they said another reason that the Crusaders declared war was because the Templars were planning on invading CC land which they felt they were able to defend against and prove they mean business but also due to the fact they believe the Templars only declare war on other armies for the purpose of gaining land and nations.
To conclude, they said they felt that the Crusaders couldn’t stand idly by while they watch the Templars force themselves onto other armies with the threat of invasion or war if they don’t comply, believing they are a burden to the army community.
Are their reasons justified? Will the Coup Crusaders deceleration of war bring the Templars reign of terror to an end, or will the Crusaders become another name under the Templars belt?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comment section below!


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