Meet The CPAM Administration: Emcee

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media headquarters – She’s known to the community as CP Army Media creator and current Chief-Executive-Officer. Get to know more about the wondrous world of Emcee in this in-depth interview.

The Rebel Penguin Federation found and introduced Emcee to the Club Penguin community on April 9th, 2019. She wasn’t active for a couple of weeks but after she got more involved, she quickly walked up the ladder of promotion. She reached third-in-command on November 11th of the same year. She was promoted to second-in-command on February 9th of this year and then left on February 20th, soon after, for personal reasons.

She joined the Army of Club Penguin out of curiosity about what a different army would feel like. A couple months later she reached their highest mod rank on March 24th and was promoted to third-in-command on April 4th. She left ACP a while later, realising that re-joining an army was not a good idea for her at the time, on April 27th and has solely stuck with CP Army Media operations ever since. Get to know more about Emcee in the following interview.

What inspired you to create CPAM?

Well, I’m not an OG CPA member. I’m what everyone is calling the new generation, but I made friends from the old eras. Twitchy, at one point, gave me a whole run down of how this community got organized, starting with the Color Wars. Pookie (he’s a 2013 veteran) and I run a podcast for RPF’s gaming community called The Good Fight™️ Podcast. Right now, it’s more a gaming/general content podcast but it used to be really RPF focused. We ran a history series, covering all the years of RPF’s existence and even interviewed Commando at one point. From all of this, I learned about how armies collaborated in the past, especially people like Commando and Oagalthorpe. Seeing CPA, where people constantly took issue with administrative decisions, I thought it might be a good idea for the leaders to take responsibility for the rules in place. CPAM came from that idea of army collaboration; setting aside differences for the betterment of the community. It also allowed us to focus on news media and implement only what army leaders deemed necessary, but mostly stay out of their affairs outside of that. I think these ideas really appealed to modern day armies, though we’ve had to adjust since this is a different CPA than it was before, of course, so it can’t run the same way as it once did.

Creating CPAM must have been a lot of work, how did you do it?

I came up with the CPAM idea and pitched it to RPF HCOM back when there was debate as to what direction to head in once the CPA League looked near its end. After they approved it, we went to other prominent army leaders at the time such as Ayan, Moon, Koloway, Csy etc. and worked with them to make CPAM real. Ayan was the choice pick for CEO as a fresh face in our community, a recently retired former leader with a lot of experience leading and plenty of motivation , ideas, and knowledge to contribute to the concept. I was recommended for EP alongside Kolo as I wanted to play a large role but I knew I wasn’t ready for CEO. From there, it just took time, effort, and a lot of learning as we went and Ayan eventually promoted me to work alongside him as CEO though not much has really changed. We’ve always been a good team and had each other’s back!

As much as there are positive aspects to the CP community such as meeting new friends, joining interesting armies, there are also negative aspects such as people cheating their way to the top, lying to members or just personal bad experiences etc. Have you ever faced the toxicity of the CP community and if so, how have you dealt with it?

I think we all come into this community hoping to have a solely positive experience but anywhere you go, there will be drama. My best attempts to handle the negativity that comes at me is to remember that none of it defines me. How I react does. Ignore those that attack you. Take steps that are necessary to make sure people who are spreading toxicity are dealt with, but always do your best to withhold a reaction. That’s what everyone’s looking for in the end, and my strength has always resided in reminding myself that justice can’t be found in my outrage but in calm, appropriate action. My complaints as a troop went to moderators, administration etc. so that they could support me when I encountered toxic situations. As an administrator in army servers, I’ve always worked with fellow staff to deal with toxicity fairly. I can’t say that my anger or other feelings have not gotten the better of me at times. I haven’t always been my best self online and I have plenty of my own regrets in regards to how I’ve handled toxic situations, especially when frustrated. You keep living, you keep learning, you mature, and you do better in the future. I try to take my own advice on that as often as possible.

Moving aside from armies, let’s get to know Emcee, can you describe yourself using three words?

Three words that describe me:
Detailed (or as Ayan would put it, d e t a i l e d), Persistent, Outgoing

Can you mention a song, movie or show that you relate to the most?

I relate to a lot of Paramore songs. They’re one of the earliest bands I remember feeling inspired by.

Would you like to add anything else before I end the interview?

Thank you!

When asked for a visual, Emcee suggested her fashionable Club Penguin player card!

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