Practice Battle Review: Army of CP vs. Doritos

TOBOGGAN, Battle Server – Today the Army of Club Penguin and Doritos logged on to CP Rewritten for an amazing practice battle. Both sides performed well but only one could emerge the winner.

The Army of CP and Doritos logged on earlier today for an exciting practice battle between allies. While the Doritos stated a max of 40+, the ACP claimed a peak size of 48 penguins.


The battle began in the Iceberg. The Army of CP started with a strong ‘MARCHON’ bomb into a circle, while the Doritos kicked off with a straight plane formation. ACP then moved into an X whilst DCP moved into a circle. After a series of tactics, the ACP bombed into a plus formation and were shortly followed by DCP. Both sides did many tactics to try to impress the judges, and it was decided the ACP took the room one victory!


Both armies joined the second room, the Stadium, with a bomb. The ACP performed a crunch bomb while DCP did an E9. After creating formations and executing several tactics, the ACP bombed into a square around the soccer field. DCP went into a bomb to change formation to a plus. A few minutes later, the Army of CP opted for a bomb into the centre then back to their formation. After that, they did top left bomb to an X. While this was happening DCP were doing tactics their own tactics, which included a rake. The second room concluded as a tie.

[Inside Mine]

In the final room, both armies started with bombs. DCP did a BEEPBEEP bomb whilst ACP did their iconic RENEGADE bomb. After this, the ACP got into a plus formation whilst DCP organised into an upside-down T. Both teams did an array of tactics, when all of a sudden DCP changed formations into an X. ACP then did a creative ‘Cross Country’ bomb from top left and top right diagonally to bottom left to the bottom right. The Doritos ended with an EO bomb while the Army of CP finished with a ‘GG’ bomb. The judge decision marked the ACP has the third room winners.

CP Army Media got a statement from judge Crazzy on why the judges chose the Army of CP as the victor.

ACP out performed DCP in their tactics, forms, and bombs. DCP put up a good fight, but not enough to take the victory away from ACP. Each room ACP had clean forms and executed their tactics in sync making them hard to beat. They were consistent in each room, leading us to declare the battle as an ACP victory.

Despite a fantastic effort from both armies, the Army of CP proved stronger in this instance and took home a 2-1-0 victory. But will their future battles tell a similar story?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts on the battle in the comment section below!

Da Best

CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

3 Responses

  1. It would be unwise for CPAM to act as a judge in these types of battles. CPAC tried it way back in 2010-2011, and people hated the sites’ judges for their perceived (or actual) bias over who won/lost. You may find that armies will react similarly today. Just food for thought!

    • Armies request judges in the discord. It isn’t mandatory. CP Army Media provides the judging panel as an option for those who want their battles judged by us.

      • Ah, I see. It’s great that your system is more refined than CPAC’s, then. While you may still run into the issue that I mentioned, at least it is fairer in this situation.

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