Army Of The Week: SWAT

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – The time for Army of the Week has arisen once more. This week we’d like to congratulate SWAT

The army Special Weapons and Tactics has deep running veins. In 2009, Ganger90 founded the army Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). For the first three years of its life, the army hung near the lower half of the Top Ten, and fought in several wars. 

One of the first big booms in the army is noted to have been early in 2012, when SWAT managed to frequent the higher on the Top Ten than they had been previously. This era was led by Cargo2 and Cul8rsl without interference of Ganger, of whom had stuck usually stuck around to help the new leaders to care for his army. 

SWAT was always a very war driven army, and had set their sights on Army of Club Penguin. In 2013 they fought ACP for Mammoth, and came from the battle victorious. Due to this victory, the army managed to reach the highest it had been on the Top Ten in the entirety of its lifespan. SWAT had achieved second place.

In the coming years, the army continued their ways. War was never too far fetched, and the army enjoyed the prospect of battling their enemies.

SWAT defending their land against the Golds during a war – 2014

In March of 2017, SWAT collapsed along with every army of the time due to Club Penguin’s shutdown. However, the army wouldn’t remain that way.

March of 2020 brought new ideas. 3 years after Club Penguin closed its doors, SWAT wanted to return to Club Penguin Online to have another run. Which is exactly what the army did in early April.

SWAT’s first event back in which they managed to max 55.

In early April, SWAT began to grow into a powerhouse. They went as far as to hit a max of 100 on April 12th. April 2020 proved that SWAT should not be messed with. But May managed to prove that this wouldn’t last. After defacement, SWAT retired once more.

By the beginning of June, SWAT had stood back up onto its feet, where they’ve been fighting to regain their previous power. Finally, on June 21st, SWAT managed to step into the Top Ten once more.

Let’s have a chat with Ganger so he can share the ideas and thoughts behind this modern era of SWAT.

First things first Ganger, what do you believe contributed to the moving up several places on the Top Twenty this week?

I feel like we have a really good group of people here leading the army right now that are focused on getting bigger and better, recruiting has been our main priority and I feel like it is paying off as hard work should

There’s nothing more relieving than hard work paying off. Do you feel like this upward trend is something that SWAT will be able to maintain?

Yeah for sure, I feel like as long as everyone keeps doing their part we will keep gaining more members and getting bigger, better, and stronger.

That’s wonderful! Do you have any goal/dreams in mind for this era of SWAT?

Yes we aim to reach 1000 members and make our way from there and hopefully get them back to maxing 100+ like they were before 

I wish you well with that! May we have a comment on how it feels to return once more to help lead?

It’s a different feeling for sure, being completely gone from discord and armies for about 2 years, even while Zuke’s SWAT was in action, but it feels good to be back, especially with those who have stayed true and loyal through all the years.

I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, is there anything else you’d like to say to the community as we wrap the interview up?

SWAT is back to stay. Return of the Fallen.

SWAT has no intentions of stopping their assent, and Ganger seems confident that the army will continue to reach new heights. 

Will SWAT regain former glory? Or will they fall down the rabbit hole of armies who attempted to recreate the past only to lose their future? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Media Associate Producer

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  1. Congrats Swat!

  2. No words about their multilogging scandals? They were well-heard and known in OG CP era.

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