Legends Cup X: The Finals Result

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom – As the Legends Cup X draws to a close, one winner emerges from the grand finals.

The grand finals of the Legends Cup X saw two armies go head-to-head in a 30-minute conflict. This was judged by three individuals, and a conclusion was reached based on: size, tactics, formations, agility, creativity, and other factors. Let’s find out the results, and who was crowned the winner.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Help Force

The highly anticipated conflict between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Help Force took place at 3pm EDT on server Klondike.

While the Rebels achieved an astonishing 155 penguins, the Help Force peaked at an admirable 69. The Rebels took victory in all three rooms, beating their opponents in size, tactics and formations.

The battle judges said the following in their winner announcement:

This was a close battle, but due to bigger size, at times doubling the size of HF, and formations completely covering HF, RPF Wins 3-0. Good job to HF for putting up a good fight and congrats once again to RPF!

Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

The Rebels have been crowned the Legends Cup X champions. The organisation committee wishes them a huge congratulations, and commiserations to the second place Help Force. We would like to thank everyone involved in this tournament for making it such a huge success, and a special thank you to Zamb for creating some fantastic graphics along the way. We’ll see you at the next one!

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