RFCP Declares War on Los Facheros Army

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — Amidst a failed merger, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin have issued a war declaration to the Los Facheros Army. 

On June 23rd, the Los Facheros Army, previously known as the Poke Warriors Army, announced a merge with RFCP. They planned to be a supplement to RFCP’s developing Spanish division, the RFCP Marines. After discussions with Kerx, Edu, Jeremito, and Prior Bumble, leader of RFCP, they swore troops in as a part of Recon that Wednesday.

However, Prior Bumble had requested as a part of their merger for Amelia, LFA Leader, to leave CPAM. When she chose to remain in CPAM, RFCP made a declaration of war against the LFA troops that chose to stand by Amelia. Recon declares this as a Civil War since LFA was a part of them briefly.

In a previous post regarding the failed merger, Amelia was interviewed and stated that it was supposed to last a couple weeks at minimum.

RFCP in a War Training

Recon Federation then posted this official declaration outlining terms, upcoming battles, and reasoning behind the war:

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin


on the rebels formerly known as

LFA (Los Facheros Army)

whose leader, Amelia9543, broke her agreement and promise with Prior Bumble twenty-four hours after RFCP made them their own server and division called the RFCP Marines. RFCP opens its last article up for public inspection to see the great hospitality and welcome Prior, Kerx, and Jeremito extended to the LF army.

Later today at 8PM EST, RFCP and LFA have their first battle of the RFCP Civil War on Beanie (CPR).

Will LFA manage to fend off RFCP, or will Recon crush the rebellion? What are LFA’s plans for this Civil War?

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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