CPAM Special Report: The Staff Say Goodbye To Ayan and Emcee

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, The Administration Office, The Special Report Desk – In a final CP Army Media special report, the staff of this fantastic organisation offer messages to their beloved Chief Executive Officers, Ayan and Emcee. 

Ayan and Emcee have been pivotal to the success of CP Army Media since February 2020, and have established themselves as key figures in the community. They have worked hard to ensure the organisation runs fairly, always putting the needs and prosperity of the community before themselves. The staff of CP Army Media, as we transfer into CP Army Hub, would like to take the time to wish them both a fond farewell. We’ve gathered messages, thank yous, fond memories and funny stories to share and celebrate their impact on the Army Media community. 


Pookie, CP Army Media Executive Producer:

Dear Ayan, an EmcEe. 

Thank you for teaching me how to write; I’m am forever thakful for that. I will, miss you both, a lot but Im sure we will keep in contact and always love eachother because we are best friends and that is amazing you are amazing. 


om( Pookie

Max, CP Army Media Vice President

Ayan, where to begin! I will admit I had no clue who you were when I first signed up to CP Army Media back in February, as I didn’t involve myself with the army community outside ACP until that time. But joining CPAM under your leadership has been one of the best decisions I have ever made, and you’ve helped to make it an incredibly enjoyable, fun, dramatic and exciting experience. To say I’m gutted you’re leaving us is an understatement. I have so many fond memories, including you calling me a creep – yay!. We really were the iconic, all-powerful reporting duo. But you still never beat my posting numbers *wink* haha. I wish you all the best in life and hope you have every success. Lots of love, Max. 

Emcee! I first came into contact with you in the Army of CP, and loved working alongside you there, despite how short it was. I loved your energy, positivity and sense of moral compass – something we both know is very rare in this community! In CPAM, I have admired your passion and hard-working nature that you have brought to the job. Thank you so much for standing up for me at times, and offering me invaluable advice that I will hold on to as I take up this new position in CP Army Hub. I’m devastated you’re leaving and promise to continue your legacy of standing up for what I believe to be right and challenging those that do not put the community first. With love, Max. 

Koloway, CP Army Media Vice President

Roses are red, Emcee’s our ruler, but one thing stands, Ayan was cooler

(Max edit: It was at this point I forced him to write something serious).

Emcee— I remember finding you in RPF. We have spoken about this multiple times, but you pushed me to work harder. I was complacent sitting on the low end ranks as a chat troll, but you pushed me to want to beat you. I wanted to rise through the ranks, and make it to the top with you. I found a friend in you, as did others, and those days of your Midna pfp are ones I dearly miss. We brought the best out of eachother, and it’s no surprise you made it to the top of this community. I remember you coming to me with your idea for the community, and you ran with it afterwards. Congratulations, Emcee, and enjoy your much deserved retirement. 

Ayan— I first met you in December 2019. I immediately took to helping you learn the ropes of CPR and how those armies ran, and we became close allies out of it. We, for a long time, stood as the only Help Force allies. My best memory with you was fighting your army, as you were always hungry to get better and never took a loss with a sour face. You carried that mentality over to CPAM when we decided you’d be CEO. You never took one loss and knocked out. You took a hit, looked someone dead in the face, and asked for more. Your dedication to CPAM was much appreciated, and it was one of the major keys to the CPAM success. Congratulations Ayan, and I hope your retirement serves you well.

32op, CP Army Media Executive Producer 

Ayan, you’re one of the most cool dudes I’ve met in this community. You care so much about others and you never fail to make people laugh. Can’t wait until you join DCP in 2021, love you bro. 

Emcee, you suck. I hate you with all my heart.

Flen, CP Army Media Advisor:

Emcee and Ayan are two of the very few people in this community who have had a very close impact in my real life. While Ayan (Hey Ayan, remember the BBC joke?)has proved to be a friend that will always stand by you, even when you’re enraged, he will still talk to you no matter what and try to calm you down. I’ve had many instances where I’ve said things to Ayan which were directed to attack his Ego. Whatever it’s been, no matter how big the fight, at the end of the day we’re two best friends which always solve things up and are there for each other. I’ve been delighted to work with him as a part of CP Army Media. Being honest, I use to have a perception that Veterans should have a hold on the community and should run it. However, Ayan made me realize that this is a new generations of armies and new generation should have a hold of them while Veterans stand there to advise them. 

Coming to Emcee, oh my gawd! Our big Democracee (her nickname in CPAM Administration) has proven to be one of the very few people are we can rely on no matter what. Personally, she’s been my friend, mentor and a guide. There have been many incidents where I found no one to talk, be it personal or professional. I’ve ran to Emcee to tell her my problems and the way she calms me down is just so helpful. You know, it is said that a friend in need, is a friend in deed. Emcee has become so close to me in such a short time. Irrespective of her decision to retire today, she will always be a friend and I will always stay in touch with her.

I can describe the loneliness that’ll come along when these two retire and are not there to be with us when we unite this Community. They’ve played big roles in making the Unification happen. It’s heartbreaking to see that they won’t be working for the thing they worked to get together for. Though you’re leaving, but this is not a Goodbye. We three share contact outside CP Armies, and I hope it’ll stay this way. Much love to both of you, have a great life a head.

Ayan, do good in your exam or I’ll bring you here to study with me! <3 Emcee, you better calm down and don’t get anxious so fast. I’m here for you <3

Eden, CP Army Media Advisor:

Emcee, thank you for everything you’ve done in helping to shape the army community to where it is today.  I know we’ve had our disagreements, but in the end it all worked out (Hopefully).  We’ve been through thick and thin.  From debating about what a league actually is to stressfully removing people from power who did not express our values as an organisation to uniting this community after a long year and a half.  Your contributions will not be forgotten.  I am glad I stepped aside and allowed you to create your own website for the army community.  I will never regret it.  You have done me and everyone around you proud and I hope you have a happy and successful life in the times to come.  Again, thank you for everything and my best wishes. 

Ayan, haha what do I say?  From the little HF noob I knew you as in 2018 to now one of my closest friends in CPA.  You’ve came a long way.  I remember we use to fight each other about CPO.  Oh, how the times have changed.  If you asked me in 2018 or even 2019 that we would both go on in this ‘adventure’, I would’ve laughed and called you mad.  However, life never seems to stop amazing me.  I want to thank you for everything you’ve done.  For bringing CPAM up from nothing alongside Emcee and Koloway, for creating the Help Force (still a meme name) which has became a successful major army under your leadership and many others and finally for a person everyone could rely on.  No matter what happened, what went down, when everyone was under pressure or stress.  You and Emcee were always the ones who stayed calm and collective.  I hope you enjoy your future.  I wish you the best with your exams and I’ll keep in contact with you.  For now, goodbye and keep on helping those who need it.  Oh…maybe the Help Force name has a meaning behind it after all. (wary)

Superhero, CP Army Media Advisor and CPATG Creator:

Ayan, you always acted chill and cool, but deep down you were a teenage stupid kiddo, just like the rest of us. I will never forget how it took you ages to tell me how you wanted the Prom be like you were always there when the community needed you, acting in the most unbiased manner I have seen out of any news outlet CEO (and I have been on SMAC, SMAP, CPAC, CPC and a bunch of others). Not the CEO we deserved, but the one we needed. 

To Emcee: Emcee, you were the CEO that had the toughest job out of any CP Army News CEO in the history of this community imo. And that’s cause except of correcting Ayan’s first grader grammar mistakes making sure every post met an incredibly high quality, settling disputes between raging army leaders and organizing CPAM events you had to also balance an extremely complex adult life, something which you perfectly achieved. I am gonna really miss you, my english teacher/mom  good friend and partner.

DMT, CP Army Media Advisor:

To Emcee & Ayan- Thank you for pulling me out of club penguin armies when you formed cpam.  It left me without a platform to return to like flen does every month or so.  Your work has been admirable but it’s time to come home.   And now that you’re joining me on retirement island, you’ll realize never want to leave.  Love you guys. -DMT

Kingfunks4, CP Army Media Advisor:

Ayan and Emcee have done a great job in helping to shape a new community, setting up a new organisation and creating unity – congratulations guys you have done an incredible job. While we had our (minor?) disagreements, I am glad that we are on the same page now and we can not thank you enough for the job you have done. Enjoy retirement guys!

Ulti, CP Army Media Advisor:

Ayan & Emcee: It was a pleasure helping to set up CPAM and seeing it through from “No” to “16”. In that time, you’ve set up a great staff team, gone head to head with everyone from Epic to Anonting, and set the stage for the reunification of armies at CPAH. You truly took what many thought was going to be a flop and, through determination and many, many arguments, turned it into an astounding success. Thank you for allowing me to be part of the process as an advisor. Best of luck with whatever you choose to apply yourselves to now, whether it’s CPAH or outside of the community entirely. Hopefully it’s a lot less stressful than Club Penguin! Best, Ultipenguinj

Cassie, CP Army Media Editor-in-Chief

for ayan – ayan, as much as i tease you, it hurts to see you go! you’ve been an awesome ceo and i know you’ll continue kicking butt wherever you go. keep it up. love you 🙂 xoxo cassie

for em – i’m not giving you a sappy goodbye cuz you know i’ve been advocating for this for a long time. i’m glad you’ve decided to put yourself first. also this isn’t goodbye for me and you, i’m the coolest and you’re gonna be bothered by me every single day. you’re one of my best friends and i’m happy for that. blah blah blah play overwatch with me blah blah blah take a BREAK. i love you very much!!!! oh and PLEASE don’t tell me you’re crying over this. hehehe love you :purple_heart: xoxo cassie, i will not pick hairy balls shut up

Robot, CP Army Media Associate Producer

Thanks for being great CEOs and helping better our community and thanks for giving me the opportunity to come back to news sites lol. Emcee helped me out lots and was always very nice both to me and everyone around here so thank you for that and enjoy your retirement. Ayan, we never really worked together much but from the few interactions we had it was evident that you’re a very nice guy and also very passionate about CPAM, thank you for your service and enjoy your retirement < 3.

Sarahah, CP Army Media Associate Producer 

Emcee! Ah girl! When I first met you in RF Hub, I had absolutely no idea how much you did for the community (since I was unaware CPAM even existed)… But, I am so so grateful you allowed me to be apart of this amazing staff team! I loved working with you even though it was only for a month:( I always looked up to you and always admired you for what you do! I definitely saw a lot of myself in you and I hope to use what you taught me moving forward and make my own impact. You honestly deserve a enTIRE parade for assisting with the creation of CPAM. I will most definitely be sad to see you leave, but like all good things, they all must come to an end. I know (and hope) you’ll still be active in CPAH. But I still will definitely miss you. (BTW should’ve named us CPALM… come on Hawaiian theme!) I really hope that you are able to accomplish a lot IRL and continue striving to make an impact with everyone you work with! I really hope that regardless of your retirement that I can continue to learn more about you and grow our friendship! Hopefully we can hold bugs sometime…. omg hold bugs :red face: …. anyways, enjoy retirement, as I know CPAM took up a lot of time and required tons of hard work, so go kayaking for me until I can myself! Here is a quote to end this off: “We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.” -Marie Curie. Much Love, Sarahah<3

Ayan, Ayan, Ayan. Where do I even start? Even though you quite literally BULLIED me, I have so so much respect and admiration for you! [insert read-more tag] If I’m being honest you scared me at first because I had no idea who you were and what you did….. (I mean you’re just a 27 year old pursing a PhD in microbiology AND you work PT at a pharmaceutical company) (At least my older;))……..But once I started taking posts I found myself often going to you for them to be edited. You always provided great feedback and I loved that! Though, you bullied me for 2 damn weeks for that read more tag, which for yoUR KNOWLEDGE, I had never used WP before so how tf was I supposed to know?? :wary: ANYWAYS, you were always so nice to me when it counted and taught me so much. The advice and tips you gave me will definitely stick with me as I move up in CPAH… plus now I get to bully people about the read more tag… heheheheh… on a serious note, I will seriously miss you. You created a huge impact on not only me but the other reporters, reporting heads, as well as the members of this amazing community. I give you a HUGE thank you for everything you’ve done and I will never forget you. I hope you stick around and hang out in CPAH cause if not imma bully you smh. Make sure to stay in touch and don’t forget us losers here;) Also, here’s a quote to end this off: “Art is standing with one hand extended into the universe and one hand extended into the world, and letting ourselves be a conduit for passing energy.” -Albert Einstein. Much Love, Sarahah<3

Rocket, CP Army Media Associate Producer

Dear Emcee, Oh my goodness it’s been a wild ride hasn’t it? I remember when you first left to make CPAM, and look at all it has become! You’ve been taken initiative and grown as a character over the course of these 6 months, and I couldn’t be happier for you. You made this happen, and there’s a lot to be proud of. Enjoy a happy retirement from this place knowing you worked so hard to get to where it is now. Fight the good fight and ilysm. <3 Love, Rocket 

Dear Ayan, Wow! What a time it’s been. I wish we could have talked more together, but it was a pleasure working with you on posts and on Top Ten Committee these last few months. I really enjoyed the opportunity to work on it and I hope you had fun making it as well! Your work to the community has proved invaluable and I hope you retire in peace after seeing all you’ve accomplished. You’ve truly unleashed the power of helpiing. Sincerely, Rocket

Jayden, CP Army Media Reporter

Ayan and Emcee! Ty guys for being amazing people and getting this community to greater heights than what it was! Ayan you stink! Emcee hi ily! Good luck with everything guys! We shall miss you 🙁

Coollivvy, CP Army Media Reporter

Hey Emcee! I’m really sorry to hear that you’re retiring from CEO of CPAM. Throwback to RPF mod days, cuz i really miss them:weary: so i wish you luck in whatever you are doing next, and i believe you will succeed :heart:

Henry, CP Army Media Reporter

Ayan, you were the one who taught me most of the basics for writing CPAM posts. You approached me literally 10 minutes after I joined the reporter team and gave me some pointers, which I appreciate. You contributed so much to the CP armies community. I don’t even know where to start talking about it! You were one of the co-founders of CPAM, you write awesome posts, and you’re an awesome person! Good luck wherever the future leads you! 

Emcee, you boosted my morale so much and you made everyone smile. During your time in ACP, many people looked up to you, including me. I also DMed you for clovers once! When I started at CPAM, you were very supportive of me. Also, you did so much for the army community, I’m not even going to start. I mean, you were one of the founders of CPAM, so there. You were nominated as a CPA Legend, and that’s awesome! Good luck in the future!

Sarah, CP Army Media Reporter:

ayan: wath!! thank you for all you did for CPAM, you’re amazing!! It was fun working with you. Hope you have a relaxing retirement! 

emcee: emcee!! thanks for making CPAM great, i’m glad i joined the staff team and got to work with you <33. Have a great retirement!

Bean, CP Army Media Reporter

Thank you Ayan for everything you’ve done for the CP community. I wouldn’t have been in the community if it wasn’t for the army you created, Help Force. It feels like such a long time ago, but your presence there brought people together! You may have your moments but you are and will always be an admirable person! The community will miss you lots! I hope you can focus on whatever you’ve got going on in real life and I hope whatever your future holds will be great 🙂 Stay positive! 

Thank you Emcee for creating the best community there can be. I remember bonding over which studio ghibli movies which was really fun! I don’t know you that well but I do know you have an amazing voice! I know that you have great leadership skills and that you’ll face whatever life throws at you headstrong 🙂 It was an honor to interview you. You’ll be missed a lot in the CP community! Good luck with what you’ve got going on and remember you’ve got a friend to lean on 😉 Stay positive!

Sheo, CP Army Media Reporter:

Goodbye Ayan and Emcee! It’s been great knowing you during my time as a staff member here. I’d like to give a special thanks to Ayan for helping me through my first couple of posts and helping me to become a successful reporter. And Emcee, I’ll see you around RPF chat!

Coolguy, CP Army Media Reporter 

Hey, while I may not know either of you too well, the past month that I’ve worked with you has had its good moments. Ayan, as a reporter, you have served the community well and you are able to write posts quickly yet efficiently. This is encouraging to see, especially since we were working under you, it was nice to have you working with us rather than above us. You may have not been the most social person in CPAM, however, you put your best into what you did and I’m sure everyone appreciates what you have done for CPAM and the army community.

Emcee, while you were a CEO, you were social and cared about what you did and the people you worked with a lot. What I appreciate is that while you did not hold bias of grudges against people, you were understanding, you understood both sides of the sitatuation and sympathised with the sides, however never let this affect your actions.  I appreciate what you have done in the community and you were really helpful when reporters were trying to write posts too, giving them tips which certainly helped! You always made time for the community and our concerns which is certainly 1 thing that is needed. 

Thank you both for your contributions to the community, we all appreciate it. Good luck in the future! While I know you may still be around, lurking, I think this break will allow you to do the things you wanted to do!!! Signing off ~Coolguy

Jason, CP Army Media Reporter:

I wanna say a huge thank you to Mr. Ayan and Mrs. Emcee because they’ve put so much time and effort to this community. Although I have a feeling that Ayan will return (just like what happened when he retired from Help Force), I wish them good luck on achieving every goal they want in their lives, even the not CP-related ones!

Da Best, CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

Thank you both for making me have fun while I am reporting and motivating me to continue. It is sad to see you both go and I hope you continue to make people laugh. Da Best

Fatchicken, CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

Receiving the news of your retirements is saddening as you are the two top CEOs I have had the pleasure of working with, even if it was for a short time. I thank you both for making the reporting experience fun and exciting. I hope the best for both of you.

Hidcre, CP Army Media Reporter Trainee

to emcee: ily you did a lot for me and yu always be a cpah queen to me 

to ayan: thank you for unleashing the power of crust

Chaos, CP Army Media Head Judge:

Yo guys! Well done on everything. You’ve brought so much to the CPA community and me personally. It’s been a blast <3 Ayan, you’re a great guy I wish I knew better, and I hope you’ll still be around sometimes. Emcee, you like chicken you c- ?

Sawfishpro, CP Army Media Moderator:

Thank you Ayan and Emcee for taking care of this community. It’s been an amazing time. Ayan thank you for everything, and Emcee thank you for holding bugs.


There is no doubt the retirement of Ayan and Emcee has left a sad hole in the hearts of the CP Army Media staff and community as a whole. We wish them both the very best for the future and a happy, stress-free retirement. 


Your CP Army Media Staff

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