CP Army Media’s Final Farewell

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, The Administration Office – For years now, the army community was separated due to complex relations and tense disagreements. Many figures and leaders within this community attempted to bring all armies under one umbrella but failed time and again. We saw a revolutionary step towards this when all armies put aside their differences for the sake of survival and used CP Armies: The Game together. It is with joy, awe, and excitement that we now announce the final step in achieved unity: Club Penguin Army Hub. To that end, we also memorialize all that we achieved and sadly close Club Penguin Army Media.

CPAM Foundations & Goals

When several armies left CP Online, they were left without a home. These armies performed an exodus with a desire for fairness in mind. Their concerns were unaddressed and they bravely left their only feasible home to uphold values beyond simply surviving. In an effort to give these armies a new home, Greeny, DMT and Superhero123 formed the Club Penguin Army League in which various CPPS armies continued to fight, connect, and play together. This league also held its own CPPS, Club Penguin Armies: The Game, administered by Superhero123, and it became the new home for armies. Their league hosted tournaments, wars, and community connection. This would breed the beginnings of further massive change and provided the roots for CPAM and eventually, CPAH. 

CPA League lost armies in late 2019 after community tensions that eventually compounded to an unsolvable extent. However, its end gave rise to the hope of a new future. This community, to quote Luiciferstar, is one with grit. It would not fall so easily. Analyzing what may have gone wrong and learning from the mistakes of those that came before, army leaders came together to form CPAM. At the time, there were so few armies left – only three major armies were interested in a new, fair, and unbiased future. These armies decided together a new name, a new organization, and new, fresh faces were needed. CPAM was born. 

It began “league-less,” focused only on news output. The leaders involved in its creation only wanted to publish Top Tens, cover army happenings, and only allowed armies to interact through their own nation pages and dealings. They claimed their own territories and settled their own disputes until the events of World War Rewritten. After it ended in a stalemate, army leaders decided judges and a map were necessary. Staying true to our motto (for the armies, by the armies) we implemented this at their wish and continued to improve and sharpen with leader input until we obtained our current league set up. Additionally, CPAM hosted three successful tournaments in its time and turned out news at an unprecedented rate in this new generation of CPPS armies. With CPA:TG as its partner carried on from its predecessor, it hosted CPPS events, mascot meetups, and other fun events for the entire community to participate in after CPO’s closure.  

In our minds, CPAM is a true testament to what we can accomplish as a community if we set aside our differences and cooperate. We are so proud of our staff team and community members whom we will always treasure for the efforts they made to churn out accurate, unbiased, and high quality news; to judge as fairly as possible; to continuously improve upon league infrastructure; to speak up against injustices; to provide a fun, positive, safe environment in both our chats and CPA:TG; and to give everyone a voice whether your army was big or small. It was not without its failings, but to us, it was perfect even with its flaws. 

It would be remiss when our foundations were so strongly built on cooperation, to keep ourselves open when the opportunity for unity is now achievable. Our playing under one CPPS was a pivotal moment in our history. Our cooperation with CPAL during the Legends Cup tournament, one of the greatest traditions in this community, was a sign that not one of us could ignore. We could work together. We could create a positive, safe atmosphere together. What about all our memories? What about everything we’ve built together? CPAM could continue to live. It could, but at what cost?

To that, we say, CPAM is not dead. It will live on as long as you all remember it and everything it paved the way for. CPAH is both CPAM and CPAL together. It is also the memory of CPA League, everything that came before it, and every person that contributed on the way here. We ask that you don’t forget this server, this website, or what took place here. We will miss this organization so much, but we will continue to live on in the foundations of CPAH.

What is CPAH?

CPAH, Club Penguin Army Hub, is the united body that was formed from an equal merge of CP Army Media and CP Army League. It is a news organization and optional league that works for the benefit of the entire army community. Its main aim is to bring every army under a common umbrella where leaders, soldiers, and spectators can follow the current events relevant to the community. 

The Army Hub staff consists of members from both organisations who are involved in facilitating the activities of both the website and league. The original CP Army Central ranking system is used, with the addition of a ‘Board of Advisors’ that is made up of influential figures in the army community. The roles of these advisors will vary from person to person: some will be working with the administration to run the website and optional league, while others will only advise on a few matters. It must be noted a ‘League Board’ role does not exist, as decisions regarding the league are made by army leaders. To achieve this successfully, an ‘Army Leader Representative’ role will be used, and they will be able to vote on league changes on the behalf of their army. The finer details of this are still being discussed with all armies and a full announcement will be made in due course. 

As part of the league, a new revamped army map will exist and replace the ones previously used. It will include features from both organisations: the interactivity of CPAM’s and the formatting of CPAL’s. Other league features such as a treaties channel will exist, which will aim to benefit armies by helping keep track of foreign policies. 

While the league is an important aspect to the Army Hub, the media coverage will also hold great significance. The staff team aims to provide regular and reliable news on the community happenings in a fair and unbiased manner. All content produced will be transparent and respectful, focusing on providing both quality news and entertainment to readers. 

Following the successful Legends Cup X, the Discord server used for the tournament will now become CPAH’s tournament server. The administration has plans to hold many more tournaments and events that will enrich the experiences of community members. 

CPAH hopes to announce new private server partners in the future, and the staff have been busy establishing connections with an array of CPPS owners. It is our desire that these partnerships will include army functionability, with size commands and uniform codes. For the time being, the CPArmies private server will remain open to armies, with the army command function available to those that register to the league and have a presence of ten or more members. The Army Hub will not endorse or partner with any private servers that have not been cleared for your safety and protection. 


CPAM’s server will stay open. All irrelevant channels will be archived as much of it will move to CPAH and the general chat will, of course, remain. All roles will remain as vanity roles in remembrance of what everyone accomplished here and what they contributed. If this changes, we will announce it. The website will also remain but it will be an archive and a place to look back on. Flen has generously agreed to pay to keep our domain and offered to maintain it, and we’ve accepted in the interest of noting down history. We will update you through our announcements channel as we update pages. Not everything is accurate to how we ended, for example, the history page isn’t yet up to date. We’ll work to finish the site pages and leave it as the accurate and final testament to CPAM’s existence. 

With all that said, CPAM officially endorses CPAH’s opening and asks that you support us in this new step forward. Our staff has entirely transferred over with changes made based on activity and involvement. Our goal was army cooperation and we have achieved it. This is a positive move forward for our community, but it is bittersweet to say goodbye to everything we built, and every memory we made. I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us have mixed feelings and it’s not easy to close, even with such an exciting future to look forward to. To make this special, CPAM will soon open a #memories channel where everyone can share any of the (appropriate) memories they’ve made with us. We want this to be a positive space, so good memories are preferred. 

We thank every one of you for being part of this incredible, bumpy journey with us. Thank you so much. 



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Chief Executive Officer


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  1. goodbye cpam, you’ve done well at uniting the community and giving us an army league we can trust, now onwards to make new memories in cpah :salute:

  2. I will never forget the amazing memories, thank you and goodbye CPAM!

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