CPAM stands for Club Penguin Army Media. This league-less organization covers news related to the armies underneath it’s umbrella. Every army that registers with us by Direct Messaging an Executive Producer via Discord volunteers to be part of our Top Ten and news coverage. CPAM also hosts tournaments which armies can volunteer to participate in but are in no way required to do so. Finally, we provide a list of servers that armies can invade and otherwise on their own terms.

What does league-less mean?

We define ourselves as a league-less organization due to our policy of little to no interference in army affairs. Army leaders can recommend and suggest changes to what we provide for them. Administration does not dictate rules or restrictions in terms of invading, defending, or owning land. We only provide a platform through which armies can interact among themselves and our rules are only ones to prevent negativity in chat.

What do we currently provide armies outside of news?

CPAM has a leaders chat where they are welcome to interact among themselves and with staff. We also use this for occasional army leader meetings where we ask them for their opinions on potential CPAM changes. We offer the server list, as mentioned previously, with the freedom to claim them as territory. Our Discord also contains an #armies channel to post their Discord invites and website pages, and a #nations channel where every army’s nation is advertised. Each nation page lists in its own way the servers those armies currently own as well as any other relevant information they wish to provide whether it be allies, enemies etc.

CPAM hosts tournaments every couple of months for the army community to partake in as well. These tournaments vary in format but they allow for the general army community to volunteer as judges, spectate, and participate in earning special rewards. Outside of tournaments, however, CPAM only judges battles, practice or otherwise, at the request of army leaders. Army leaders are free to request administration show up to battles with at least 24 hour notice.