Invasions Review [5/2- 5/9]

KLONDIKE, CPA Media Headquarters- With the addition of the sever map, armies from the CPO, CPR, Penguin Saloon, and CPATG communities have been busy invading land. It is our goal at CPA Media to provide you up to date information on the invasions that have occurred this week. Continue reading for an overview of this week’s invasions.

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Uganda Be Kidding Me: Tylund Joins Ugandan Revolutionary Defence Force

KLONDIKE, Atticus’s Office – From the corners of East Central Africa, comes a nation stricken by poverty, Coronavirus, government problems and more. Demanding and simply crying out for a hero in this dark time, a revolutionary defence force has burst onto the scene with a revolutionary new council.

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Night Warriors Move to CPR || New Leadership Created

FOG, Night Warriors Capital- After a short stint on Club Penguin Online, the decision was made that the Night Warriors would be moving to Club Penguin Rewritten. Under a new leadership, expectations remain high and the army is ready to open a new chapter. Continue reading