[BREAKING] Os Mascarados Defaced in THIRD Attack This Week

BREEZE, OMA’s Smoldering Remains – In a shocking turn of events, a THIRD army has been defaced this week, following the Doritos and the Coup Crusaders. Find out what happened to the Os Mascarados as former officials laid waste to the chat. Continue reading

The Third New Dawn Alliance Declares WAR on the Ice Warriors, IW Responds

BLIZZARD – Club Penguin Army Media HQ

SWAT, coming off of a coup and a pseudo civil-war, has formed what is now the third “New Dawn” Alliance in CPA history, and has immediately declared war on Andrew24’s Ice Warriors. Click below to find out all the juicy details!

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World War Rewritten — The Storm

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — Now on the fourth day of conflict here’s what you may have missed in World War Rewritten.
This post includes the incidents which happened on the 1st of May 2020

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Titans at War: Army of Club Penguin vs Rebel Penguin Federation

NOTICE: This story is still developing. Some facts might be outdated in future events. STAY tuned for further news.

Tuxedo, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital ─ Following the Recent exposé of the Army of Club Penguin’s High Command chat, which involved incriminating screenshots of ACP HCom insulting RPF, the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war. Seeing as these are the two largest armies, what consequences might this have for our community? Read more to find out.

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CPAM’s Premier Tournament Grand Finale: ACP versus RPF

Blizzard, Club Penguin Army Media HQ – For Club Penguin Army Media, the Premier Tournament was their first. It was also the first Round Robin format tournament in Club Penguin Army history. And while many could have predicted the outcome, more pressing is how we ended up here. So hit read more to find out who won, who lost, and what we can all learn from this.


Banner for the Premier League finals

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ACP vs RPF Pre-Finals

Tomorrow is the final battle of the Premier League, as the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation face off in a grand battle. This same battle occurred last week on the 11th, which could give us some foresight on what happens next. Who won this battle? Read this post to find out, so you can make a safe bet on tomorrows main event!

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Battle Review: ACP vs HF [Premiere League]

Club Penguin armies can be a weird thing. A lot of the time, an “army” is a frail organization, with around 20 people in a chat, with about 10 coming on to battle, practice, or recruit. Things certainly haven’t changed from when Club Penguin itself was alive, either. It arguably got worse, at first, leading many, myself included, to believe that armies should stay dead, and die with Club Penguin itself. The thought process being, that there will never be a battle as good as the likes of the finals for Legends Cup IV, where the Doritos, Nachos, and Rebel Penguin Federation all fought for supremacy, in a triple battle never seen on such a scale. However, I did decide to watch this battle, as I had recently gotten involved in armies yet again, despite my thought that they were “dead”. This battle, however, was quite the opposite of dead.

In arguably the largest single event since the community wide “invasion” of Mammoth, where the entire server was single-handedly filled out by armies, CPAM’s own Premiere League would pit two titans of this new age of armies against each other. A battle of legacy versus contemporary, the age old Army of Club Penguin stood off with the Help Force on April 4th, with the goal of getting ever closer to making it to the final battle on April 18th. With this battle being comparable to most finals, I shall delay no more. Click read more to find out just how fantastic this battle truly was.


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