RFCP Declares War on Los Facheros Army

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media HQ — Amidst a failed merger, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin have issued a war declaration to the Los Facheros Army.  Continue reading

The Community Clashes In CPATG’s Free-For-All

KLONDIKE – CP Army Media Headquarters – At 4PM EDT, hundreds of troops marched into Klondike for what was going to be the finale to all conflict in CPATG, due to the untimely DMCA that was confirmed to be authentic, leading to CPATG’s shut down on June 15th, 2020. Continue reading

The Uncertain Future of CPR Recruiting

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – As armies are pushed to new methods of recruiting due to the endangerment of existing CPPS, Club Penguin Rewritten, a popular CPPS for many CPAM Armies, announces its plans to crack down on in-game recruiting. Continue reading

Battle Review: ACP and WV Clash in Water Vikings Opening Event

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital – The Army of Club Penguin and newly-reopened Water Vikings went head-to-head in a practice battle. But who took home the victory?

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Golden Guardians Faces Off With PZF

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Army Media HQ — Amidst all the chaos, the Golden Guardians have recently declared war against the Pizza Federation. Continue reading

Penguin Saloon: The New CPPS on the Block

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters ─ Amongst all the developments in the Club Penguin Armies community, a new Club Penguin Private Server has made its debut. With everyone’s eyes on it and lots of moving parts, this will be a Live Blog, and will be updated as things develop. Continue reading

World War Rewritten — The Mayhem

BLIZZARD, CP Army Media HQ — The war has launched into its second day with even more action and armies getting involved in major conflicts. CP Army Media brings to you a Recap of the first War day in the World War Rewritten.
This War Recap consists of Incidents which happened on 29th April 2020.

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