Practice Battle Review: Fighter Pilots vs. Silver Empire

KLONDIKE, Battle Room – On Friday, June 26th, 2020, the Fighter Pilots and Silver Empire logged onto for a friendly practice battle! Both sides performed amazingly with great tactics and formations but let’s take a closer look at what happened.

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Jester Returns to DCP as Leader

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin Capital – An unexpected post declares the return of a DCP Legend. This well-known face returns into the leadership team as a fifth leader after being gone for several years.

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Army 101: Discord Raids and How To Prevent Them

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters – Discord is an essential part of running an army, with beneficial features and availability to everyone with internet access. It can be seen as necessary for an army to have a well-run server, but the recent abundance of raids has threatened the harmonious running of many armies chatting groups. What are discord raids, and how can you prevent them?

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Legends Cup Quarter Finals: Where Did They Go Wrong?

KLONDIKE & SLUSHY, Battle Rooms — The community witnessed a thrilling quarter-final this past weekend. With four armies unfortunately not moving into the semi-finals, we decided to take a quick look into the leaders’ thoughts regarding their loss.

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Vikings of CP Shutdown: The Sudden End

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Vikings of CP – Nearly two months after the opening of the Vikings, an unexpected announcement from Viking’s leader declared the shutdown of the army.

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Pizza Federation and Red Ravagers Target Peoples’ Imperial Confederation

Update @ 7:50 pm EST: Templars have now joined in this conflict and have scheduled invasions of PIC servers Toboggan and Snow Shoe.

TOBOGGAN, People’s Imperial Confederation Empire – Suddenly, 2 armies have decided to invade multiple servers that belong to People Imperial Confederation. One army seems to be doing it without reason, but another is seeking revenge after being falsely accused of multi-logging. Continue reading

Practice Battle Review: Ice Warriors vs. Dark Warriors

MAMMOTH, Battle Room — Today the Ice Warriors and Dark Warriors logged onto CPATG for a friendly but intense practice battle. Both sides performed well with great tactics and formations, but let’s take a closer look at what happened.
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Red Ravagers Open: The Dark Bandits Reincarnated?

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Red Ravagers Empire – Following the sudden closure of the Dark Bandits last week, a new army has opened with many of the same staff.

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[EDITORIAL] Why Are So Many Armies Shutting Down?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Media Headquarters, Editorial Office –  After a surplus of recent shutdowns, many may be curious about the real reasons for their taking place. Is it because of the end of COVID restrictions in many places? Is it the result of untrustworthy staff? Or is it because of poor leadership?

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Animal Kingdom Merges into Golden Troops

SABERTOOTH, Animal Kingdom Empire — Only less than two months after opening, the Animal Kingdom have shut down and merged with the Golden Troops.

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