CP Armies: The Game, Birthday Party Invitation


I, Superhero123, Main Developer and Administrator of CP Armies: The Game, on behalf of the whole CPA:TG team, want to formally invite each one of you to CPA:TG’s One Year Anniversary Party, which will run from June 8th all the way till June 15th!

Before getting into details, I recommend you read my previous post regarding my personal thoughts about this one year of fighting here.

To find out what we have planned, as well as the dates and times for some special community events that will occur during the party, click read more!

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CP Armies: The Game, One Year of Fighting

On June 15th, CPA:TG will be one year old. This post is a prelude for the CPA:TG One Year Anniversary Party, starting on June 8th. One year has passed since the game first flooded with many small, yet intrigued, armies who wanted to check out a game which claimed to be made just for them. Despite this new CPPS coming out of nowhere by someone most in the army community had never heard of before, the game gained traction. This realization was so shocking for me, that I, Superhero123, had to get on the CPAM website and do one of the things I despise the most: write a post.

Why you may ask? There are two reasons the word “Why?” may be in your head at this point. Lets tackle them one by one.

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