Administrative Staff:

The staff included in this list are in charge of the operation and running of CP Army Media, including both the functioning of the site and league. Staff is rewarded with promotions to positions of higher responsibility based on their previous media experience and their continued contribution to the success of the website. The people who run the site are a set of dedicated individuals that strive to ensure quality and balanced news reporting.

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Ayan
  • Emcee🌙

Executive Producer:

  • Pookie437

Vice President: 

  • Koloway
  • Max


  • Cassie

Associate Producer:

  • Moon
  • Robot
  • Rocket

Board Of Advisors:

  • CSY
  • DMT
  • Eden
  • Flen*
  • ᴋɪɴɢꜰᴜɴᴋꜱ4
  • Shad
  • Twitchy
  • Ultipenguinj*

* – indicates administrator responsibilities


  • 2funky3
  • F6sixer
  • Flypin
  • Ghandi
  • Lilox7
  • Myth
  • Pookie437
  • Sirplus1881
  • Superhero123
  • Zoomey

Team Members:

Our website is nothing without the main part of our team members. These reporters have been chosen as a result of their quality ability to write and their application to report on the news without bias in a timely fashion. Graphic designers help to make our site look as professional as possible.


  • Bean
  • Coolguy
  • Coollivvy123
  • ElderChicken (Sheo)
  • Henry_VI
  • Jason6331
  • Jayden
  • Kavacado
  • Pjayo
  • Sarahah
  • Stracciatella

Reporter Trainee:

  • AmazingAbe
  • DaBest
  • FatChicken
  • Hidcre
  • Honda
  • Layla
  • Myth

Graphic Designer:

  • DMT
  • Flen
  • Haley
  • Jstoryhead
  • Koloway
  • Mess
  • Zamb

Staff Duties:

To ensure that the site runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, each role at CP Army Media has different responsibilities.

  • Chief Executive Officer / Executive Producer / Vice President: These members of staff are responsible for administration, army management, and the league, overlooking other members of staff and editing where necessary.
  • Editor-In-Chief: The EiC’s primary role is to edit and publish posts from reporters. They also must give feedback to reporters, handle inactivity, and manage the active topics available.
  • Associate Producer: The associate producer position acts as the ‘Head Reporter’, so we encourage AP’s to post special posts and undercover editorials. They must also give feedback to reporters.
  • Reporters / Reporters-In-Training: Reporters need to report on the latest news, battles and developments in our community in a timely fashion. Once the post is completed, they will ping an EiC to check over and edit.
  • Board Of Advisors: The members of the board can choose to have as much or as little influence as they want, some will be working with the CEOs to run the website, while some will advise on few matters.

Staff Hall Of Fame:

The staff hall of fame is in place to commemorate the staff members that made the biggest and most long-lasting impact on CP Army Media. These people have been the most important people throughout the history of CPAM:


[biography to be written]


[biography to be written]


Initially brought on board as Vice President to watch over moderation and assist in Top Ten calculations, Pookie stuck to his two projects and rarely expanded his efforts at first. His intuition for good moderation combined with the ability to put his foot down allowed for CPAM to create its first chat for the general public, a big milestone in its beginnings. From there, as staff expanded, so did his administrative interest, and he stepped in during the CPApocalypse in countless ways, whether it was reporting, army relations, or assisting with league formation. This initiative earned him the title of Executive Producer in which he proved his abilities even further. He juggled CPA:TG administrative efforts in its partnership with CPAM, assisted in running two important tournaments post-unification, fielded the community’s questions and concerns, all while contributing to CPAM news and day to day operations.