CP Army Media began with the full intent of being league-less. Army leaders involved in its construction mutually agreed that CPAM, as an organization, would not involve itself in army affairs. However, after World War Rewritten (WWR), the need for regulation was clear. Every army declared itself winners at the end of every battle, and the war ended with no clear victor. Leaders requested a judging system and a map and both were implemented. As these were used, leaders ran into questions and then requested a formal League set up with concrete rules and regulations. CPAM obliged and now officially present our set up, voted and agreed on by leaders registered with us.


The league is fully optional; an army can still receive media coverage and place on the Top Ten Armies without being a part of the CPAM League. By entering an army into the CPAM League, the leader agrees that they will follow all of the rules outlined below:

CP Army Media continues to bring the best news coverage to all corners of the CP Army community. Opinions will frequently be sought from the leaders involved to make sure the league continues to evolve. The league will have the power to ban or refuse armies on the grounds of racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., or if otherwise deemed necessary to ensure the safety and security of our members. 



  • All invasions scheduled must have 24 hours notice to the opposing leader in order to be valid.
  • Only 3 invasions may be scheduled at one time.
  • Invasions can only be scheduled up to a week ahead of time.
  • In the case of a tie, the defending army will keep the territory.
  • A mutually agreed judge is required for conflicts in which a winner will be decided.
  • If the defending army does not show up, the invading army must only remain for ten minutes before declaring victory.
  • There must be a minimum of 5 people at an invasion in order to claim land.
  • An invasion schedule will be updated daily in the Discord.

Format for declaring an invasion, posted in #updates:

Army Name
Invasion of Server (CPPS)
Day, Date, Time
@armyleader OR Unclaimed Land


CPAM will begin to honor all WAR TERMS declared by the DECLARING ARMY. The first army to declare shall set the rules to be followed by both armies. The defending army may counter declare war with additional terms to be honored if they see fit, but these terms must not contradict the war terms of the declaring army.

War Terms cannot include restrictions on invasion times, event attendance, or directly go against CPAM rules. If these War Terms do include any of the above, they are null and void, and CPAM will not honor them.


Judges will continue to be agreed upon by both army leaders. One of the two army leaders involved in the conflict must request one from the #judge-request channel and judges will ping those army leaders back to accept.

Army leaders can discuss rooms between themselves, and have until an hour before the battle to inform judges of their chosen rooms. If no rooms are chosen, judges automatically choose the rooms. Army leaders can also tell the judges to pick rooms at any time before that point as well.

All Army Leaders will be required to use #battleground to first discuss and try and organize event results themselves. If no verdict is agreed upon by both leaders, they will have no choice but to accept the judges’ opinion used as the official ruling. Judges will decide amongst themselves if there are more than one in DMs or a group chat.

There should always be an odd number of judges, preferably either one or three depending on the scale of the conflict.

As a default, lockouts will be judged, but will not weigh as heavily as the main room in the result.

Opinion on judge performance can be offered through vote in #judge-reviews.

Format for applying to be judge, posted in #judge-apply:

Time Zone:
Other Notes:

Format for assigning judge(s) to a battle, posted in #judge-requests:

Need a judge for Invasion of Server (CPPS)
Date, Time, in PST @Judge

You can also mention specific judges if you and another army leader prefer specific judges.




The map includes servers from CPATG, and CPR. The map was completely reset during the initiation of league set up, and does not correspond to nation pages. Armies are welcome to keep nation pages but the updated map holds precedence in the case of nation page discrepancies. Klondike, CPATG will remain neutral as CPAM HQ.

An army can only own up to 50% of the map at a time. After this point, they may choose to drop owned land to invade more, OR invade land and then drop successfully invaded land as free land. If neither is done, CPAM can roll a random server under their ownership, including the newly invaded land, to be dropped. 

To update changes in server control on the map, post the following in #updates:

Invasion of Server (CPPS) successful. 


Army declares their capital: Server (CPPS).


Army drops Server (CPPS) as Freeland.



First and foremost, we are a news organization, as the league is entirely optional. Because of this, we will continue to cover all army news universally. However, this does make us and our Discord a popular hub for members of all armies, and even those without armies. Recruiters are not allowed to take advantage of this in order to invite and gain troops from CPAM-affiliated servers. Our Top Ten Armies list will come out weekly, in which all armies that are a part of the league or not will be included. Deductions may be made from Top Ten scores on account of multilogging or other frowned upon behaviors. Particularly detrimental offenses may result in removal from news coverage altogether.



CPAM Tournaments will continue to be held on an invitation basis. As of now, ALL armies are invited to all future tournaments, but incessant rule-breaking may change an army’s standings.



CPAM retains the ability to remove an army or person from their league, affiliated Discord servers, or media coverage. The reasoning will be made clear as to why, and decisions will be made by more than one member of the administration in order to prevent biased rulings. The severity of the punishment will depend on the severity of the action that earned it. Disagreements should be brought to the CEOs. Consequences may include:

  1. Warning
  2. Deduction of points from the Top Ten Armies list
  3. Removal from the Top Ten Armies list
  4. Annexation of specific territories owned
  5. Removal from participation in the CPAM League
  6. Removal from CPAM’s affiliated Discord servers
  7. Removal from CPAM’s media coverage


Vote was only privy to army leaders. Those who you see voted three did so after the vote was closed or were told to contact administration about their concerns and did not do so. The only no vote was a placeholder vote made by a member of staff to create the option.