[BREAKING] Templars Chat Defaced

Note: This is a developing story. Stay tuned for more updates.

ICE BOX, Templars Empire — In a shocking turn of events, the Templars discord has been defaced. Read more to know about it.

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Sun Troops Defaced… Again?

ICICLE, Sun Troops Capital — As the community progresses into a locked-down Summer, another defacement comes into the light.

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[BREAKING] Coup Crusaders’ Chat Defaced

WHITE HOUSE, Coup Crusaders HQ — Amidst a shocking turn of events, a former commander has defaced the Coup Crusaders.

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[BREAKING] The Dorito Dilemma: Defaced Again?

This is currently a developing story. We will keep updating you as more news comes in.

SUMMIT, Doritos Capital — A shocking tremor went through the community when the word “deface” was in chats again. What happened with the Doritos Army this time? CP Army Media brings to you a developing story of the defacement of Doritos.

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