At CP Army Media, we appreciate each one of your voices. Here is where the YouWrite feature comes into action. You’ll be able to create your post, which, upon passing review, will be posted. This feature allows those among armies to voice their thoughts to the masses.


  • Users can submit reports, philosophies, opinion posts (editorials), short stories, satire, or any piece of writing related to Club Penguin Armies through this feature.
  • Your submission must be in an even structure; including a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • You must not include swearing or harsh words.
  • Make sure that your content is grammatically correct, and does not include spelling errors.
  • For adding images, let a staff member know about them, or simply add a link to the image where you want the picture to be.
  • There is no specified word limit, but try to have it between 300 to 800 words for the sake of uniformity.
  • Submitting a post does not guarantee its acceptance. Inform a staff member once you’ve posted it.